Wind of Change

  oresome 17:38 19 Jan 2009

Canny consumers have been trying to make their money go further and that has meant changing the way they shop.

Baked bean sales, for example, rose 22.6% in December, compared with December 2007.

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Have any forum members changed their spending habits recently?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:48 19 Jan 2009



  Brumas 17:59 19 Jan 2009

Does that mean I can stop buying tinned tomatoes now and concentrate on baked beans - decisions, decisions,decisions...... ;o))

  newman35 18:00 19 Jan 2009

Changed my spending habits - naw, was always a tight git and still am!!

  spuds 18:22 19 Jan 2009

And there was me getting worried that British pork products were getting cheaper because the pork perhaps came from Poland ;o(

  newman35 18:23 19 Jan 2009

I second that.

  Forum Editor 18:42 19 Jan 2009

In an uncertain economic climate it makes sense to exercise a little caution, especially if you're self-employed, and have to go out there every day and generate income.

It's noticeably harder to do that at the moment, so I'm cutting back on costs where I can, in common with hundreds of thousands of other small businesses. It would be foolish not to.

  Quickbeam 18:45 19 Jan 2009

"has meant changing the way they shop."
I now spend money on gold sovereigns instead of paying into a pension. They're a much better investment than short date tinned tomatoes...

  Kevscar1 18:46 19 Jan 2009

I was certainly expecting it to be harder but I went out last Wed 3rd day back and did my highest January day since I started in 94. In fact I don,t normally do a day that good until late March.

  interzone55 08:59 20 Jan 2009

The credit crunch hasn't effected me at all really. I've never been able to afford to buy more food than I need, nor spend more on it than absolutely necessary...

  Geronimo. 10:23 20 Jan 2009

BREAD is just gone over the top with its price's, ive decided this week myself & my wife will be buying Chickens (4) & maybe a new bread maker as its just getting to be so unacceptablely expensive, this time last year bread was around 60/70p now we find it so hard to buy it less than £1.40 & eggs £1.50 for 6..??? i can seel the eggs as well at £1.00 per six as they are freerange, me thinks a advert for fresh eggs in going in the window...

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