Will you buy a tablet PC?

  PC Advisor 10:57 06 Oct 2010

From the Apple iPad (click here) to the Galaxy Tab (click here) and the BlackBerry PlayBook (click here), tablet PCs are the buzzword IT product of the moment. But will you buy one of them?

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  sunnystaines 11:01 06 Oct 2010


  Mr Mistoffelees 11:28 06 Oct 2010

Absolutely no need for one.

  Noldi 11:35 06 Oct 2010

From what I have seen I will by one when the price drops. A lot easier to use than a lap top/note book when traveling.


  Matt Egan 11:54 06 Oct 2010

...is £600. A dual-core Samsung ultraportable is currently £570. I appreciate that a Tablet PC is intended as an adjunct to a laptop or desktop, and I like the idea of owning a tablet PC, but until I sell my golden rocket car, I simply can't justify the expense when a laptop does everything I need.

I'm firmly, and indisputably, in the 'don't know' camp.

  Quickbeam 12:37 06 Oct 2010

I'll consider a windows based one as and when my Samsung netbook needs replacing, but I don't envisage that for a year or 4 yet.

  Snec 12:38 06 Oct 2010

I would hate to think you're missing out.
How much do you want for your golden rocket car?

You see what a kindly chap I am.

  wee eddie 13:07 06 Oct 2010

In each House, a single PC/Server with a WiFi Modem, Printer and additional Storage.

Then every member of the Family has their own Pad.

Gamers are the only ones that are likely to fall outside such a scenario, but Pads are really only in their infancy and should become much more capable in the coming years.

  interzone55 13:53 06 Oct 2010

O2 brought out a device called a Joggler a couple of years back, meant to organise the family calender and play music, display news feeds etc.

It failed because it was about 2 years too early.

Now we're rapidly approaching the scenario laid out by wee "nostrodamus" eddie, with a family media server (passworded to keep dad's "films" safe), shared printer etc.

Everyone will then have a device to suit, so the kids may have laptops, but mum would have a tablet pc with recipes & shopping lists (sorry about the stereotyping here). The media server could be hooked directly to a TV or projector to display films or play games.

btw I'm in the Not Sure camp at the moment, as I too need to sell my golden rocket car before I can afford an iPad. If there's no takers for the rocket car I've got a jet pack with built in Gatling guns...

  Chris the Ancient 15:47 06 Oct 2010

I'm almost there.

I have a pc and an iPhone... and they do all I need being a sliver-haired (if I had any) user.

The iPhone will fit in my pocket. An iPad won't.

  donki 16:12 06 Oct 2010

If I could justify the price I would buy an iPad in a heart beat.

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