Will you be liable for losses due to old software?

  Rigga 09:38 04 Apr 2008

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The Register article on the new Banking Code produced by the British Bankers' Association. Makes it clear that customers could be liable for any losses if you have old or no Anti Virus / Anti Spyware / and a Personal Firewall.

Not quite sure if this is a positive move, i.e. they will help their customers get software and stay up to date, or the banks trying to find a get out clause.


  sunny staines 10:11 04 Apr 2008

common sense only a fool would do banking online without upto date security software.

  spuds 12:52 04 Apr 2008

Our bank was to introduce 'free for a time', various methods of protection to their customers, including little machine for internet credit/debit card usage. Never seemed to have materialised. But then again, it was going to cost the bank money. Nice suggestion and thought though.

  Cymro. 12:59 04 Apr 2008

"common sense only a fool would do banking online without up to date security software"

Yes very true sunny stains but fools sometimes have to be protected from themselves and if the banks computers go down due to some fool then we will all have to pay.

  keef66 13:45 04 Apr 2008

I have a little James Bond type number generator which I require to do some of my online Natwest banking.

  Cymro. 14:20 04 Apr 2008

There was a time when older people used to brag that in their younger days they never used to have to lock their front doors. Be that as it may, but the truth was that they hardly ever had anything worth stealing.

Now not only will the criminal steal what we do have but will manage to steal what we don`t have. Quite often the bank or the retailer will take the loss but this is not always the case. So as sunny staines suggests we would be fools not to take precautions.

  Si_L 17:45 04 Apr 2008

I knew a guy (used to be my Boy Scout leader!) who never used to lock his car because he still felt that way, he had too much trust for society. His Rover 25 was stolen and he wasn't able to claim on the insurance, which begs the question: Who would ever steal a Rover?

  Weskit 18:38 04 Apr 2008

I have wondered for some time whether I am too cautious in using the on-screen keyboard to type in my banking details instead of the ordinary k/b. What do others do?

  Jim Thing 19:01 04 Apr 2008

I keep my account log-in details in an encrypted file on a USB flash memory stick and enter them by copy/paste. I reckon I'm protecting myself against keyloggers by not using the keyboard.

Or am I being too paranoid?

  Jim Thing 19:30 04 Apr 2008

Didn't mean to type 'encrypted'. Should have typed 'password-protected.'

  belfman 19:53 04 Apr 2008

It's possible for the software to take screen captures as well as log keystrokes.

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