Will we have a quarter of a million

  AI33 00:25 04 Oct 2007

of registered users before the new year. Dare not mention Christmas as the thread will be deleted.:-(

Total stands at 245658.

Any predictions on the 250,000 member.

Might PCA give a free 12 months subscription to said new member?

  Forum Editor 00:31 04 Oct 2007

Certainly not - makes my blood run cold.

As for the free subscription for the 250,000 registration, well no, I don't think so. I can imagine all those fingers poised over keyboards, waiting for the 249,999th registration.

  Strawballs 00:33 04 Oct 2007

What's wrong with Christmas (runs and hides)

  Forum Editor 00:41 04 Oct 2007

There's nothing wrong with C*******s, it's just that I believe it should begin sometime in the middle of December, not the beginning of October. I realise that not everyone shares my view, so, being a reasonable man, I compromise - we can start talking about you know what from 1st December onwards.

Who could say fairer than that?

  Quickbeam 01:06 04 Oct 2007

Why, I don't even think of it until Christmas eve, when I go to collect my brace of geese from the local farm and am then in the Christmas mood.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:23 04 Oct 2007

Right now, I'd settle for my free mp3 player that I still havent got from my subscription.


  Forum Editor 06:57 04 Oct 2007

Have you spotted the other thread about this - in Consumerwatch I think? Tom Drummond, our subscriptions manager, is going to update everyone before the end of this week.

  jack 08:26 04 Oct 2007

FE wrote 'here's nothing wrong with C*******s, it's just that I believe it should begin sometime in the middle of December, not the beginning of October.'

How I agree, my mind goes back however to the middle sixties when I was running an Advertising company doing the work for a department store and I an running around to book 'Muffin the Mule' and another year and Jon Pertwee om Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the high street ride - In June of the years in question.
That and the ensuing months of planning- killed X**** for me, stone dead

that's got me thinking, is number 1 still a member? and indeed who is it?
btw, am i the only one scared to watch tv in case the 'holidays are comin' coca cola advert appears? i suppose the C word is different when you have children, personally i hate it it's when i lost my dad, everyone drinks, everyone tries to think of tactful ways to tell me i really wouldnt enjoy it at their party. i have worked the last 4 and am doing again this year. i am taking my xmas leave next week.

  Belatucadrus 11:08 04 Oct 2007

The thing that ticks me off most is going in to a shop in September to find that the stock of what I wanted has been removed to make way for an isle full of Christmas decorations and Halloween crud so that a load of appalling kids can all go "trick or treat" ! Like we need more grot from the US of A.

  pj123 12:17 04 Oct 2007

Then there's Guy Fawkes bonfire night. Usually starts around the 27th October and lasts until at least the 10th November!

November 5th should be the only day for this event, regardless of what day of the week it is.

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