Will we ever see an honest programme again?

  Sapins 08:02 14 Jun 2007

Just when I thought here's a really good show the judges put through acts that are unbelievably totally without any talent at all. I refer to the "Madonna" and the transvestites on the Britain's got Talent show. We're back to the manipulating of the results by the judges and no doubt we will not be given any statistics when the voting starts, e.g. how many votes did each contestant receive? etc:

The many hundreds of acts with a great deal more talent must be feeling really robbed blind by this farcical show, sadly the dumbing down continues apace.

  Forum Editor 13:50 14 Jun 2007

is just another way of saying that you disagree with the judges' opinions. There's nothing wrong with that, but maybe you shouldn't try to dress it up as 'dumbing down'.

They just didn't choose the people you wanted them to choose, but now you have your chance - the viewers vote from now on.

  Sethhaniel 13:56 14 Jun 2007

its a fix

and i'm from hartlepool ;)

  Si_L 15:30 14 Jun 2007

Having these deluded people on the show is what gives it a second factor of entertainment.

  Sapins 17:06 14 Jun 2007

The title says Britain's got Talent, so why put rubbish through? Anyway I can't vote from here:-(

As for dumbing down, you can't seriously believe the standard accepted by the judges and the public has not gone down, can you?

  dagbladet 17:52 14 Jun 2007

Gone down from what? Who are you/we comparing them with?

  Forum Editor 18:15 14 Jun 2007

and if we all agreed about who was a good entertainer and who wasn't the world would be a pretty boring place. Your impression that the judges have "put rubbish through" is just that - your impression; it obviously isn't shared by them.

As for what the public accepts - well, it accepts what comes along a lot of the time, as long as the TV is on. It seems to me that a large slice of the population enjoys what to me is dross, but then they're the large slice and I'm in a minority a lot of the time, so who's to say which of us is right?

Anyone for the Discovery channel, or National Geographic, or the history channel?

  Pineman100 18:32 14 Jun 2007

I didn't watch the show (and certainly won't in future) but I heard one of the judges - Piers Morgan - being interviewed on the radio a while ago.

He said that, during one of the auditions for the show, someone brought in a piano-playing pig.

He commented: "I thought this was the moment when we reached absolute rock-bottom, until it became clear that the pig wasn't actually the worst pianist that we'd auditioned"!

Right - I'm off to watch paint dry.

  Stuartli 19:16 14 Jun 2007

TV companies get slated because they don't give new talent a chance and, when they do, the criticism still rolls in.

Treat it for what it is - light hearted entertainment that proves how many people are deluded about their own talent, along with the fact that every so often a real gem is unearthed.

As the FE says, people's tastes vary tremendously. I must confess, for instance, that I used to dislike Harry Hill but, to his credit, he has won me over in no small measure.

His soaps parody during the Soap Operas Awards on ITV recently was the highlight of the presentations.

  spuds 12:14 15 Jun 2007

At least on our home viewing panel, the tv Off button is a major invention ;O)

  anskyber 12:35 15 Jun 2007

"Anyone for the Discovery channel, or National Geographic, or the history channel?"

Yes me, and things like Springwatch, in spite of the very annoying Bill Oddie. The only time I have watched the "talent" programmes was from the link on PCA for Pavvi who was excellent but the others.....

I'm fine with such programmes, many like to watch them as simple entertainment. I do not but survive on the crumbs of excellent programmes which do come our way like Spooks and Planet Earth.

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