Will we be competing

  Bingalau 18:05 21 Jun 2007

to see who can obtain the most red padlocks?

  Legolas 18:08 21 Jun 2007

I,m obviously missing something, what is a red padlock?

  Legolas 18:10 21 Jun 2007

Sorry just seen the thread.

  Legolas 18:14 21 Jun 2007

I think the FE should have a yellow padlock as well so if you are in danger of being locked you get a yellow if you do not heed the warning then you get a red padlock and off you go ;-)

  Bingalau 18:17 21 Jun 2007

I might be in for one of the quickest here.

  Forum Editor 18:24 21 Jun 2007

Now there's an idea.

The winner could get to spend the rest of eternity in one of those forums where they delight in heaping obscene abuse on anyone who can't instantly recall every line of code in Windows XP. You know the ones I mean - they're the places where people post details of their 'rig' in an attempt to outdo one another, and have those stupid tag-lines and avatars.

Oh Lord, please buy me a Mercedes Benz!

  laurie53 20:39 21 Jun 2007

Any fool can post a thread offensive enough to get a red padlock.

The trick is to post a thread which causes some other idiot, or reasonable poster, depending on your point of view, to earn you a red padlock without FE giving you a formal warning!


  wee eddie 20:44 21 Jun 2007

Is that you trying to make "amends"

I have to say that that is one of the least recognised gems of the early 70's.

  Colin 21:17 21 Jun 2007

I've had a few locked posts, but I still think this is one of the better forums. As the FE says, a description of your rig, a silly catchphrase and an avatar of some super hero are just what we don't need. Even forums on click here have a lot of deleted posts and that's just discussing films.

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