This will stop the genocide...

  interzone55 17:22 25 Jun 2008

The Queen to remove Mugabe's Honorary Knighthood

click here

It's about time the UN removed him from Office...

ps yes I know it's against UN rules to use force to impose regime change, but Bush & Blair chose to ignore that in Iraq>

  crosstrainer 17:32 25 Jun 2008

Mugabe will:

1) Die in power (most likely) or..

2) Be overthrown by the people.

Removing his Knighthood, imposing sanctions will a) Not phase him at all and b) create further hardship for the people of Zimbabwe.

  €dstowe 17:50 25 Jun 2008

I wonder when he will declare himself King of England?

  Forum Editor 17:50 25 Jun 2008

isn't being done because it will change his character overnight - it's being done because it's about the only thing the Queen can do to demonstrate her personal abhorrence of the way he's behaved. It's better than doing nothing.

As for "Bush & Blair chose to ignore that in Iraq"

They acted under the terms of a United Nations resolution (Security Council resolution 1441, passed in November 2002), although Kofi Annan the then Secretary General wasn't happy about it. We can argue about the moral aspects for all eternity, but in terms of strict international law the UK and American governments believed at the time that they acted with the full consent of the United Nations.

  anskyber 18:01 25 Jun 2008

An important step even if it is just a token.

It seems the world and more significantly the African continent is becoming more open to criticising Mugabe.

Mandela remains quiet, his voice I think could be of the greatest power but he is a fellow freedom fighter who may find it difficult to speak out.

  peter99co 18:02 25 Jun 2008

If not by the people, is it possible that he could be removed in a similar way to Idi Amin?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:06 25 Jun 2008

Shouldn't she have been on the ball and have removed it some time ago? *deep, shaky voice* feeeear the might of the United Kingdom!


  Forum Editor 18:12 25 Jun 2008

Mugabe isn't a freedom fighter - he's a psychotic megalomaniac who thinks nothing of murdering people who get in his way.

  cream. 18:21 25 Jun 2008

Also coupled with
"Zimbabwe cricket tour of England cancelled"
click here

These two things will probably send the "psychotic megalomaniac " into a right frenzy. The people of Zimbabwe should keep their heads down for awhile.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:21 25 Jun 2008

'The people of Zimbabwe should keep their heads down for awhile'...the one's that have heads left.


  anskyber 18:35 25 Jun 2008

He was, but has turned into "a psychotic megalomaniac who thinks nothing of murdering people who get in his way."

That is the African dimension as I see it.

Whatever he is now he is seen by many Africans as one who brought Zimbabwe back to the indigenous Africans. It explains much of the silence from other African leaders up to now.

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