will she, won't she

  Algerian peter ™ 20:15 04 Jun 2013

plead guilty tomorrow.


If that is a recent photograph the strain may be starting to show.

  Al94 20:23 04 Jun 2013

Could be other reasons as well.

  bumpkin 20:50 04 Jun 2013

I think she will plead not guilty or could this be a subtle hint to another posting. I think A194 is on the same wavelength.

  lotvic 22:33 04 Jun 2013

Al94 and bumpkin, You naughty pair of old gossips :P

  Quickbeam 17:49 05 Jun 2013

Not guilty my leige...

  finerty 06:41 07 Jun 2013

plead not guilty but hope theres enough evidence to bring her down

  Algerian peter ™ 10:48 07 Jun 2013

I will be looking forward to some nice newspaper write up's about the trial and see her and the others reactions to the constant bombardment of in your face reporters.

Think some of the victims of the NoW will be rubbing their hands in glee.

  spuds 11:45 07 Jun 2013

The photograph's and television viewing I have seen over recent days, she doesn't appear to be her old self. I wonder if there is a further forecast or event in the unfolding?.

  Forum Editor 12:08 07 Jun 2013

"she doesn't appear to be her old self."

Are you surprised - would you be unaffected, if you had something like this hanging over you for a year?

  spuds 14:07 07 Jun 2013

Not surprised in the least.

It perhaps goes to show that some of these arrogant invincible people are after all only human?.

  Forum Editor 15:16 07 Jun 2013

"...some of these arrogant invincible people are after all only human?"

All of them are. In the same position you and I might become arrogant, and think we're invincible. Put yourself in the other person's shoes, and think about how you might change, were to to find yourself rubbing shoulders with government Ministers, and other very influential people.

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