Will This One Do?

  laurie53 10:03 01 Apr 2007

You won't believe what I've just found in the loft - my National Identity Card, dated 9 June 1943!!

Do you reckon it will be replaced free of charge when the new ones come in?


  Totally-braindead 10:05 01 Apr 2007

Not a hope in hell.

  Cymro. 10:47 01 Apr 2007

It would be interesting to know if such an old I.D. card would

in fact have any legal status these days. I don`t suppose it

would, but it might be interesting trying it out on some gullible bureaucrat.

  Jak_1 12:27 01 Apr 2007

I still have mine from 1952.

  spuds 12:57 01 Apr 2007

Was it buff in colour, no photograph and black ink written?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:00 01 Apr 2007

No ID card but still have the petrol rationing coupons from 1973.


  Spark6 15:13 01 Apr 2007

The right hand side of the card has 'DO NOTHING WITH THIS PART UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD' printed on it.

No problem you may think, but someone has managed to spell my middle name incorrectly even though it is correct on the left side of the card!

  Bingalau 18:18 01 Apr 2007

My wife and I both have our wartime Identity cards intact. I also still have petrol coupons from 1956 as well as those from 1973. If I remember rightly we actually used them in 1956. Regret I haven't got any from the war as I was not old enough nor wealthy enough to own a car.. (not many people were). Most of the people who owned cars had to "Lay them up" for the duration of the war. Only important people were allowed the use of vehicles. Petrol was unobtainable.

  laurie53 18:38 01 Apr 2007

Might be interesting to try it in a bank when they ask for proof of identity!


  Totally-braindead 20:31 01 Apr 2007

Unless your name happens to be Dorian Gray I'm sure you've changed quite considerably ( and of course I mean grown more distinguished ) and therefore they wouldn't accept it.

Might be fun to try though.

  Bingalau 21:41 01 Apr 2007

Wartime ID cards didn't have photographs on them.

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