will morro work?

morning, just been reading click here a few thoughts, wont this be the biggest sitting duck for any malware writer, i mean the big av companys have malware targeting them direct kaspersky killer, norton over many sonar exploits.
are the paid for av companies going to accept microsofts next step in world domination lying down?
and will it update the same as defender!
i can see stormy waters ahead.

  Belatucadrus 12:08 11 Jun 2009

I don't think the AV companies will bother too much as long as Microsoft don't try to force it as an update, offer unlimited free licenses to commercial users or include it on the Windows disk. After all Live Onecare didn't exactly set the market alight or they wouldn't have had to discontinue it.
Morro may affect the main players in the freebie market, but I suppose we'll have to have a look at it first. Rumour suggests it's to be "No frills" this could be good as in no Bloatware and low footprint, or bad as in too few features. I'll be checking it out when it appears.

  birdface 12:48 11 Jun 2009

I will stick with AVG free until we get some good reports.Unfortunately I have not been impressed with some of their other products,Windows Defender or Windows One Care.
You never know can't knock it till you try it.But I wont hold my breath.

it just seems to me they failed shockingly with one care, but why should they make a free one? im sure loads will use it because it's free, if too many use it, it will become a target of it's own sucess and you may be more secure not to have it at all.
we shall see.

well it's very light, it turns defender off (if you have it on) updates up to three times a day. doesnt seem to slow anything up.
there's a cuple or reviews kicking around, fairly average, but hey it's free.
seems ok. more and download click here
not officailly out 'till tues but been running it all day (just after a full back up) with no bugs found.

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