Will it ever be won?

  postie252 19:39 19 Dec 2006

Deal or no Deal
Twice this month the top prize has been with the person playing the game, on Sunday the girl dealt at £107,000 when faced with the choice of accepting that or gambling between £10,000 and £250,000. A few weeks ago £100,000 and £250,000 were the two final boxes and the offer was about £170,000. Unfortunately the poor girl had already accepted an offer of about £21,000 earlier in the game, and was understandedly quite upset at what might had been. IMHO I don't think the jackpot will ever be won, once you get into that position with the big one still in play, the sums of money involved are just to big to take that risk. You would have to be very rich or extremely brave to say no deal to that sort of money.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:58 19 Dec 2006

"Unfortunately the poor girl had already accepted an offer of about £21,000 earlier in the game"

Deary me (sarcastic), life really is a bitch!

  lisa02 21:03 19 Dec 2006

It has and will be shown in the new year...

Off to find it the link.

  lisa02 21:11 19 Dec 2006
  postie252 22:09 20 Dec 2006

Well thats my theory out of the window!
Thanks for that, I look forward to seeing it, even though I know the outcome.

  sean-278262 07:16 21 Dec 2006

To be honest I would bargain on it if the options were £30,000 and the £250,000. I would be of the view that I came with nothing and will go away with something so why risk a middle ground when I can aspire for more.

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