Will IT Admins Have Work In The Future????

  paul1975 10:57 31 Jan 2007

With technology moving so fast and some posters on tech forums saying that Vista is much more stable than pervious OS, will IT admins be out of a job in a few years time or will they always be needed?

  wee eddie 11:11 31 Jan 2007

So long as the IT Techs can keep baffling us with science. They will keep their jobs, justified or otherwise!

  recap 11:32 31 Jan 2007

Just because Vista is rated as more stable, doesn't mean that it is infallible. IT Admins will always be required, no matter which OS they work on.

  jackhass 11:37 31 Jan 2007

paul1975 I suppose one has to factor in the staff who have the late nights on drink and drugs.Oh and the lazy busy looking ones.

Until Vista can do staff health and fitness tests then I think that the potato heads will keep their jobs,for now.

  Zero G 11:39 31 Jan 2007

OK so XP is a stable O/S & Vista even more?
So why have i got a list of 20 users to help?
All complaining that Vista is crashing on them & they have only had Vista running since 09:00.
All want XP back on their PC's!

  paul1975 11:41 31 Jan 2007

Zero G help them then instead of posting on here lol

  Zero G 12:39 31 Jan 2007

I'm todays on-call techie in case on an emergency.
Which means i get to surf the net but am ready in case their is a major problem, Vista not working does not fall into my duties today!

  ventanas 13:15 31 Jan 2007

Remember it's not just the workstation o/s that IT admins have to deal with. There is a very different o/s on whatever server they have. Also there will be printers, scanners, switches etc. My job should last a bit longer.

  paul1975 13:48 31 Jan 2007

ventanas im looking to get into server work myself.

Which course would benefit me?


  recap 14:21 31 Jan 2007

click here for an insight in to the type of course you can do to become an administrator. These courses are not cheap, but can help on your chosen route.

  wee eddie 14:36 31 Jan 2007

The thought that Techies would ever be put out of work by any M$ new issue amused me.

Of course they won't. The problems will not be the same, but we'll still need you lot.

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