will israel act alone

  sunny staines 16:02 20 Jun 2008

will israel go against EU & US advice and attack iraclick here before it installs the SA20 air defence system from russia state of the art airdefence.

once it is installed attack by aircraft will be difficult.

mock exercise took place early june

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  birdface 16:16 20 Jun 2008

I have always thought it was just a matter of time before they went in.They will go against US advice.Maybe so,But I bet US will finance or supply them if they decide to go ahead.Its a mad world why can't everyone just live in peace.

  Cymro. 16:26 20 Jun 2008

The Jewish vote is worth so much to any American presidential candidate that whoever is in the White House will be very careful not to offend Israel.

So unfortunately I think there is a very good (or should that be bad) chance that they will indeed go in as buteman puts it.

There seems to be even less sympathy for the Arab cause since Sep.11th. That is a pity as I think they have a better political case against Israel than many would admit.

  sunny staines 16:46 20 Jun 2008

the link i posted about the sa20 will not paste over. the worst part is if israel does attack british and US forces in the gulf we may get attacked by iran too dragging us into it.

  bstb3 16:49 20 Jun 2008

Sadly it seems that the question is going to be not if but when. The US position is so important on this it is hard to imagine Israel acting if it is completely against the wishes of the Whitehouse. The calculation to be made by Israel is that is the current US administration more or less likely to be favourable of Israeli action than the next?

The calculation to be made by the presidential candidates is how strongly should they criticise any action and risk upsetting the Jewish lobby / vote for the sake of trying to keep Western - Arab relations going? It would certainly be a test for the candidates' diplomacy credentials that even Alan Sugar would be proud of dreaming up.

  lofty29 18:00 20 Jun 2008

I am sure that part of the reason for the attack on Iraq was the threat to Isreal by saddam hussein

  VNAM75 18:25 20 Jun 2008

Very hypocritical standards. Israel is understood to have about 500 nuclear weapons (secretive, not declared) but Iran can't have any which could only be used for defence/a deterrent anyway.

Russia and USA have over 10,000 nuclear warheads each. Iran's not stupid/capable enough of attacking Israel or the Us.

  jakimo 19:06 20 Jun 2008

Theres no telling what a country thats indoctrinated by Islam will or will not do,believing that by being martyred in a war, they will not only go to a better place,but will be rewarded for doing so.

I believe the Israelis understand the intentions of Iran far better than us in the west, their history shows they will act as they see fit,and doing whatever it takes to survive.

  sunny staines 19:32 20 Jun 2008


thats the scary bit

  jakimo 20:01 20 Jun 2008

The scary bit was when the British partitioned Jerusalem,resulting in many of the problems that there are today

  mrwoowoo 20:56 20 Jun 2008

"but Iran can't have any which could only be used for defence/a deterrent anyway".
What limits their use to only defence? Surely they can use them for whatever means they wish.
The Iranian presidents threats to wipe Israel from the face of the earth pretty much shows their possible intentions once they have nuclear arms.
Hence the reason other nations do not want to risk allowing them to have them.
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