Will i be able to fly?

  wolfie3000 22:55 05 Jan 2007

I have been invited to america with a friend in the summer but im worried about my medical condition.
Mostly the insurance and any special precautions i will need to take.

I will be seeing my doctor for info but is there anything else i need to know that the doctor wont mention?

  lisa02 23:06 05 Jan 2007

Hi wolfie hope you're ok.

If it's the metal in the body issue (the other thread) then there's nothing wrong with flying, just don't go near a magnet :D

The doctor will give you a cert stating your well enough to fly. As for insurance you have to declare your illness and it's then upto the insurers on whether or not they'll take you on.

My guess is that any costs arising from your current illness won't be covered... at least that's what my last insurance stated.

  wolfie3000 23:09 05 Jan 2007

Thanks but i dont know anything about getting medical insurance or where to start,
My concern is if my illness plays up in america how would a get treatment as you have to pay over there for any medical treatment.

  Forum Editor 23:17 05 Jan 2007

Don't be tempted to avoid disclosing something the insurers should know - they'll refuse to pay out in the event of a claim.

Otherwise, be guided by your GP. American doctors/hospitals are generally superb, and if for any reason you need treatment you'll get the best. My son once needed urgent treatment when we were on holiday in Florida. He was only twelve at the time, and we were very worried. The American ambulance and hospital staff were unbelievably good, I couldn't have imagined a more professional, friendly lot of people. My son was as right as rain, and back with us in a day.

Hospitals and doctors will want to know who's going to pay however, and that takes us back to the beginning - do NOT travel without insurance cover; American medical treatment can be very expensive.

Otherwise, be sure to carry details of any medication you have - American drugs have different brand names, and any doctor will need to know the generic name and the dose level.

  lisa02 23:18 05 Jan 2007
  wolfie3000 23:22 05 Jan 2007

I will look into those sites,
As i have hip thigh and knee problems will the seats on the plane cause problems?
I will make out a list of drugs i take with me but will they allow them on the plane in hand luggage?

  Forum Editor 23:24 05 Jan 2007

I have an annual travel insurance with Norwich Union. They probably aren't the cheapest, but they're the best, and if you're ill abroad you need to know that you're with a company that can react quickly and effectively. I know that the Norwich will do that, which is why I use them.

click here and take a look at their travel insurance. Don't tke out an annual policy if you're nly likely to travel once in the year - just insure for the period you'll be away.

Enjoy your trip - where in America are you going?

  wolfie3000 23:30 05 Jan 2007

thanks FE we will be going around the south places like Texas and Arizona,
My friend came into some money a while back so hes taking all his mates on a holiday :)

Im hoping to see the grand canyon, Maybe if im allowed some horse riding too.

  lisa02 23:31 05 Jan 2007

Pay for extra leg room and exercise is my only suggestion beyond proper medical advice.

As for taking drugs with you it is advised to get a line from your doctor detailing them... and find out whether or not they might be illegal in the destination country, bit extreme but can happen.

  wolfie3000 23:32 05 Jan 2007

ok will do Lisa02

  Forum Editor 23:33 05 Jan 2007

provided you get your doctor to list them (legibly, not in his/her NHS handwriting). Take the list with you when you pass through to airside, and tell the checkers on the barrier what's involved. They're used to this situation, it happens all the time, but they must be able to examine the drug packages, so don't seal them in any way.

As far as seats are concerned, tell the airline about your needs well in advance, and request a certain seat. If you're not sure, ask me, and I'll tell you exactly which seats to request on a 747 so you'll have plenty of legroom, and can get up easily to stretch your legs.

Whatever you do, don't worry about the flying aspect of this trip - airlines handle these situations every day, and they're good at it - you'll be looked after. The last thing the cabin crew want is a medical problem in-flight, so they'll bend over backwards to help you settle. The main thing to remember is to make any special requests well in advance of your flight - don't leave it until the aircraft has been pushed back from the terminal, and the crew are busy, or worse still, when you're at 38,000 feet over the Atlantic.

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