Will Gordon Gekko please step down

  wee eddie 21:28 26 May 2013

The Dell Advert is so loud that I cannot hear the voice-over on the Surface Pro Review and, of course, the Dell Advert is unstoppable.

Now, it has been said, by the Head Honcho, that there was an error in the way that this Advert was set up. However, as this Audio Advert was set to run over a Holiday Weekend, when all the Technical Staff are away. My paranoid mind suggests that the mistake was not entirely accidental.

p.s. It now takes me as long to boot a PCA Page as it does for my ancient W7 PC to boot itself.

I think that there should be some sort of limit to the number of Megabytes, of Advertising, carried by each page.

  N47. 21:34 26 May 2013

Just block javascript.

The site and pages will then load in a blink of an eye.

  bumpkin 22:40 26 May 2013

What Dell advert?

  bumpkin 22:46 26 May 2013

This has been mentioned in other threads, I believe that FE is dealing with the matter. Never seen it or heard it myself.

  wee eddie 06:38 27 May 2013

I think that I should make this plain:- I am not trying to stop the advertising on this Forum, which is why I have not installed an Ad Blocker or blocked JavaScript.

What I am trying to achieve is, that I be able to move from page to page without waiting 90+ seconds for each page to load sufficiently for me to Scroll Down, Open a Thread or Click a Link, because once I have done that I will then have to wait another 90+ seconds to make the next action.

And I have a 9.6MBps Download Speed!

What those with slower connections do, I don't know.

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