Will This Extinguish The Tobacco Industry?

  oresome 15:01 15 Aug 2012

Australia's highest court upheld the world's toughest law on cigarette promotion today, prohibiting tobacco company logos on cigarette packs that will instead show cancer-riddled mouths, blinded eyeballs and sickly children.

I don't think we are going so far in the UK, but plain packaging is on the agenda following on from hiding the product behind closed doors and I expect the law to get tougher as time passes.

I don't smoke but admit to owning tobacco shares and they have been a top performer over the last five or so years that I have owned, so sales don't seem to have been impacted so far, the companies having found new sales avenues in developing countries. This of course brings it's own moral issues.

  Forum Editor 15:17 15 Aug 2012

"Will This Extinguish The Tobacco Industry?"

No, it won't, but I hope it seriously damages it. We're living in the 21st century, and yet we still permit the sale of a narcotic substance over the counter in countless shops up and down the country.

About 200,000 young people succumb to peer pressure and take up smoking every year. They are the people the government should target when it comes to anti-smoking measures. It costs the NHS around £2.7 billion annually to deal with the effects of smoking, and worldwide 4 million people die from smoking-related causes each year.

I hope nobody puts forward the stupid argument that although smoking is bad for us it's good for the economy. What's good for the economy is a healthy, active population.

  ams4127 15:43 15 Aug 2012


I feel exactly the same way about alcohol when I see drunkards vomiting and urinating in the streets, threatening people and causing police to be diverted from "real" crime to deal with them. Add to that the expense of hospitalisation of drunkards, alcohol treatment centres and repairs to people with slashed faces from broken bottles.

I'm not a smoker, but I have yet to see someone vomiting, urinating and generally ruining a night out through excessive smoking.

Substitute the word "drinking" for "smoking" in your last paragraph and I'll agree with you, 100%. But I'll bet you won't!!

  csqwared 16:02 15 Aug 2012


Whilst I agree entirely with the sentiments expressed I can't see the Government putting wholehearted effort into toughening up anti-smoking measures. Like it or not, the revenue raised from tobacco alone (2011-12) was around £12.1 billion (£9.5 billion excise, £2.6 billion VAT). Factor in the excise and VAT on alcohol and it's a significant wedge to be losing.

  john bunyan 16:22 15 Aug 2012

Somewhat off set by £5 billion cost to NHS of smoking related disease.

NHS Cost of smoking

  carver 16:27 15 Aug 2012

It's one reason why they only put 20p extra on a packet every budget, big flag and arm waving about stopping people from smoking but this or any government could not stand a population of non smokers.

If they wanted to stop smoking put them up by £2 a packet every budget, all the Australian exercise has done is make it easier to make counterfeit packets.

I have stopped for 8 months now, not because I thought of my health or money just decided one day that I was a stupid idiot to be controlled by a small packet of cigarettes.

  KRONOS the First 18:59 15 Aug 2012

As an ex smoker who did not turn in to a rabid anti as so many people who give up do. In fact the only reason that I gave up was for financial reasons not because it most certainly contributed to my T4 Squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil.

I have always been puzzled that the health freaks will continue to bully smokers yet not say a word about the other legal narcotic substance namely alcohol.

Murders, assaults, crime in general has alcohol as an active ingredient in perpetrators behaviour. Yet it is advertised everywhere, drunken people are frequently shown on TV 'having a good time' its sold cheaply and in vast quantities by our supermarkets, it is even subsidised in the house of commons. Yet all we here is how much smoking costs the NHS etc,I would imagine it palls into insignificance when compared to the total cost of alcohol abuse on society in general.

  Forum Editor 19:08 15 Aug 2012

"I have always been puzzled that the health freaks will continue to bully smokers yet not say a word about the other legal narcotic substance namely alcohol."

Be puzzled no longer, there's a difference.

Smoking will harm your health. Responsible use of alcoholic drinks will not. Alcohol abuse is a very serious problem, but it always has been and always will be.

  canarieslover 19:26 15 Aug 2012

I have been an ex-smoker for a number of years now but at one time I was in the 50 - 60 a day bracket. I can remember thinking as budget day came around, 'I wish they would put another £10 tax on a packet' as that would have really persuaded me to pack it in. As carver points out, no government could afford to lose the taxes generated by the tobacco industry. They all just push the tax up enough to generate more income without killing the cash cow.

  carver 19:50 15 Aug 2012

form member " And create a new criminal class manufacturing and selling fake cigarettes made using materials not subject to any control".

where have you been living the past few years, there already exists a major counterfeiting operation in Australia that the Australian Government has not been able to do one thing about it.

I have friends in Sydney an Perth and both can buy counterfeit fags with no problem and they actually taste better than the real things.

enter link description here and a small extract from a Senate hearing "even though it admitted during an October 2010 senate hearing that it was unable to quantify whether the measure would have any effect." (plain packaging" another site enter link description here

One small extract from a Australian Customs document "The illicit tobacco market in Australia for 2011 is estimated to total 2.264 million kilograms of tobacco which is equivalent to 13.4% of the estimated legal tobacco market"

And you are on about a new criminal class text

  carver 19:57 15 Aug 2012

FE got new for you, alcohol kills 2.5 million people a year but is responsible for in this country,

•in 45 per cent of all violent crimes, the victims believed their attackers had been drinking •37 per cent of domestic violence cases involve alcohol •in 2007-08, more than a million crimes involved alcohol use in some way

a bit more serious than having a fag

And the site is here enter link description here

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