This will be fun - terror warnings by email

  Forum Editor 00:07 09 Jan 2007

click here

Now we can all register to be notified by email whenever there's a government terror alert.

  Bob The Nob© 00:18 09 Jan 2007

I want to sign up so I can become soo scared I dont leave the house! The=reat Level: "Severe"

Oooh, I'm scared!

  hzhzhzhz 00:21 09 Jan 2007

They are sooooo caring.

  skidzy 00:30 09 Jan 2007

I get terror alerts everyday with the kids :-)

  Totally-braindead 01:10 09 Jan 2007

What a fantastic idea (if you are a terrorist). One of the main things terrorists seek to do is to spread fear and if the government sends out these they will helping create terror.
Absolute genius thought this one up.
I suppose some will feel that its a good idea, keeping you informed etc but I think its just going to spread more fear and worry.

  Rigor mortis 01:21 09 Jan 2007

It'd be interesting to read MI5's Privacy Policy.

  Cannuck 01:38 09 Jan 2007

If you are a terrorist.

Now you can monitor if the government, MI5 or Special Branch, is on to you or not.

Oops, that looks like what we're planning, better change the target, as the boys in blue might be there at the target waiting for us.

The loonies are definately running the country !


  Chegs ®™ 03:31 09 Jan 2007


  Forum Editor 04:47 09 Jan 2007

to spread more fear or worry. If you are likely to be worried by a warning it might be best not to sign up in the first place.

As for being a good idea for terrorists - how can that possibly be? Warning the populace that there's a perceived imminent threat is likely to put them more on their guard, it will be infinitely better than having everyone blissfully unaware that something might happen, until it does.

  €dstowe 07:54 09 Jan 2007

Is this a paid-for subscription service to help finance the current batch of wannabe (what an awful "word") James Bonds in a similar way that 09 telephone numbers finance the output of the independent TV channels these days?

  laurie53 09:05 09 Jan 2007

I spent 40 years in the forces, 20 of them at risk from the IRA, and it was normal for terror alerts to be posted around bases.

It didn't make anybody (including families and visitors) panic, just made us more careful.

Have you any idea what a pain it is having to check under your wheel arches every time you go to the car, wet or dry, hot or cold, late or not (that's the one time you are likely to be caught out), several times a day for ten years or so?

While I won't be a subscriber, if there are those who would feel safer getting these alerts good luck to them


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