Will the BBC change the format of question time

  cream. 15:35 08 May 2014

to liven things up. Something like this

political debate

  spuds 16:00 08 May 2014

You must be joking. The BBC are already in enough problems and troubles, without introducing more violence into their programmes!.

Health and safety would also have a big part to play, hence some burly security person's, probably out of camera shot ;O)

  john bunyan 16:35 08 May 2014

Lots of such events - just one other in Jordan. Gun on TV

Just Google "Fights on TV"

  cream. 18:45 08 May 2014

Don't forget Nigel Farage will be on question time tonight.

Lets see what the pathetic 3 mainline partys have to say.

  fourm member 09:15 09 May 2014

MechKB 2

You shouldn't be surprised to learn that I don't watch QT.

As Flak999 pointed out on another thread this was Farage's 15th appearance on the programme in recent times.

I could use that to support my contention that QT is an entertainment programme not a serious current affairs debate.

But, I could equally use to to make the very real point that it shows that Ukip is a one-man band not a fully formed party with any real chance of gaining power.

  fourm member 09:57 09 May 2014

MechKB 2

None taken.

'if it means they start listening to the electorate'

There's the problem.

Should politicians listen to an electorate that believes lies?

Take one example. There is no doubt that 'the electorate' wants something done about the 75% of our laws being made in Brussels.

But, there's a problem with that. It is a completely untrue figure.

In fact, there is no true figure. Depending on how you define your terms you can get anything from 6% to 70%.

It is much more complex than Farage makes it out to be.

I keep saying it - support for Ukip is an invitation for politicians to continue lying because they perceive that the public wants to be lied to.

  carver 10:45 09 May 2014

"Should politicians listen to an electorate that believes lies?"

But we have to believe them otherwise we wouldn't believe one thing said by any politician, so do not blame the people for believing lies but instead condemn the politicians who believe that telling us lies is the correct thing to do.

Instead we should have a law that states if a politician knowingly lies to get votes then that politician is bared from office and jailed.

One problem with that, we would have to build a new jail to hold all the politicians, and this one knife ban would lead the way

  fourm member 11:24 09 May 2014


spider9 has got it absolutely right.

It is delusional to think that Ukip will have any direct role in the UK government after the next election.

Farage has said that it will target 2 or 3 dozen seats. If it wins half those it will have done remarkably well.

As with all things Ukip, there is a paradox. You should never say never in politics but the only possible chance of Ukip being in a coalition is with the Tories. The trouble is that, at the general election, Ukip will get its votes from the Tories leaving Labour in a position to form the next government.

In other words, a vote for Ukip is a vote for Ukip to NOT be able to implement any version of its policies.

  fourm member 11:51 09 May 2014


'do not blame the people for believing lies'

Why not?

We are the first generation that has access to so much information. Why shouldn't I blame people who don't bother to make use of that resource?

I'll stick to the example of the 'laws from Brussels', though I stress it is just an example.

Anyone can read the House of Commons briefing (written for all MPs so not politically biased) that shows that whatever the figure for laws passed in Brussels it is not 75%.

And there are plenty of qualified economists and political analysts who have written about it.

If I think something and someone says I'm wrong I go and look to see what information is available. I don't just try and counter the point by saying 'you think you're GOD'. I would think myself very silly if I did that.

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