Will air be taxed soon?

  octal 17:12 13 Feb 2008

Just a little tongue in cheek comment after reading this because, that's what crossed my mind.

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  Bingalau 17:23 13 Feb 2008

What will happen to all those mega rich people in Kuwait and the rest of the oil producing countries? All those newly built cities in the middle of the desert etc.? I'm really worried about them. I suppose we will need a little oil to lubricate the moving parts of the engine though.

  User-1235809 18:14 13 Feb 2008

I'd really like one of those, let the oil barons look out for themselves

  Weskit 18:30 13 Feb 2008

Compressing the air requires some energy input, wonder what the efficiency of the process would be, I believe internal combustion engines are about 40% efficient, am I wrong?

  amonra 19:38 13 Feb 2008

Carbon fibre air tanks ???
From what I remember of my days in night school, the efficiency of compressed air tools with respect to the energy required to compress the air was diabolical ! Why do compressors have large cooling fins ? I must have gone to sleep and missed the important part.........

  lisa02 19:42 13 Feb 2008

"I remember of my days in night school"

Not nights at night school? ;)

  octal 21:14 13 Feb 2008

It's the same old story isn't it? There's no such thing as a free lunch, generating any sort of energy is going to have an effect somewhere else, whether compressing air, generating electricity, making Hydrogen or building wind farms, the material has got to come from somewhere to build and maintain the energy generators, so it's a catch 22 situation.

  Bingalau 21:45 13 Feb 2008

Surely the effects of wind farms are only in the early days. I would have thought that once they are up and running the savings would be immense compared to the initial waste. This air driven car sounds the same type of thing to me. Perhaps I am being "Naive"? (Have I spelled that word correctly? It doesn't look right to me).

  TopCat® 22:11 13 Feb 2008

Won't have to go far then to 'top up' the tyre pressures! :o) TC.

  octal 22:15 13 Feb 2008

It will be interesting to see how wind farms will be operating in a few years time because there has to be some sort of maintenance programme and relacement carried out on them and they are not the most accessible machines to work on stuck 100 Metres above the ground, so the cost of maintenance must be high and guessed who's going to pay for the maintenance costs? I think it could well end up quite expensive electricity, albeit clean. Unless they've invented generators that don't use slip rings or bearings these days and I haven't heard anything.

As for compressed air, as amonra says air compressors are terribly in efficient and that is still using energy to recharge the compressed air, as I said earlier, you can't get something for nothing, why do you think they charge you for pumping your tyres up these days? It's to pay for the electricity you use.

  Totally-braindead 22:24 13 Feb 2008

Will air be taxed soon?

They would if they could.

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