Wikileaks "hacked"

  Uboat 16:59 28 Nov 2010

major COINCIDENCE that the american goverment says they are NOT happy with anymore leaks from the site THEN so called hackers hack the site...MMMMmmm

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  Forum Editor 17:40 28 Nov 2010

that silly people stopped believing that absolutely everything said by government departments should necessarily be available for anyone with an internet connection to see.

Some things are confidential, and they should remain so, until enough time has passed for them to no longer be a threat to life or limb, or until there's no danger of an invasion of personal privacy.

Unless we begin to understand this we'll find it increasingly difficult to get embassy or consular officials to communicate matters of personal opinion to one another, and diplomatic exchanges will become masterpieces of discretion in case some misguided fool gets hold of them and decides to let the world know what has been said.

Julian Assange should learn to act more responsibly than the excited schoolboy he seems to have become - hungry for the limelight, and apparently caring little about what effect his revelations might have on other peoples' lives.

'Publish and be damned' in this context might have far-reaching consequences.

  OTT_B 18:24 28 Nov 2010

I decided to have a look at Wikileaks last night (no, it wasn't me who hacked the site!).

Frankly, I found it to be pretty dull stuff. Heavily censored and poor navigation around the documents.
There are probably some very interesting parts (whatever that actually means) for anyone with the motivation to actually look for the right files.

I think with the latest planned release, as with all the others, I'll be giving it a wide berth. Wars by their very nature are not good news for the people involved.

  sunnystaines 18:32 28 Nov 2010

fully agree with your comments

  Uboat 20:02 28 Nov 2010

FE "NO" i think your wrong here! you know i dont part company with you much! BUT its about time we the public was shown what REALLY happens in the world & if this is our best bet then so be it!

I want to know what is the truth in the world rather than a politically correct or media restraint story.. & why not its MY money they are using my trust they are asking for!!!

IF the governments was MORE open about the truth it would save all these kinda issues & the the public would start to trust the goverments AGAIN!

all this middle man stuff really annoys me, we are so kept from the truth, i lived in Barcelona and what was happening Iraq was shown "SO" different in Spain to what the uk was shown! Because in spain its NOT edited it is how things are..WHY... we deserve to know the truth and i think anyone that supports the government over this needs a reality check! UNLESS it puts National Security at risk..Then im ALL for This website revealing the truth Cause we've been denied it TOO long.

  pavvi 11:36 29 Nov 2010

Do you have people that are in a theatre of war? I have a brother in the armed services and a cousin that has already done 1 tour service in Afghanistan with the Welsh Guards who watched his friends die in Helmand province.

Information is power so they say, you have to be careful with it, and who gets it. Some information is sensitive for strategic reasons that can put people in very real danger.

As for truth, what is that exactly? Anything you see on a website has been edited. even what wikileaks puts on will have information excluded as well as included and this is editing. So whose truth is it?

What will YOU do with this so called truth? What could other people do with it? As FE says this is one publicity hungry individual who has no consideration for the consequences of his actions.
Yes we should have THE truth, but only when people are out of harms way, and the relations of those in battle should have their feelings considered too.

  gengiscant 12:13 29 Nov 2010

We seem to be a tad selective on our comments in regards to the Wiki leaks.
I agree that anything that actually puts lives at risk should not be published but that excuse for not publishing is wheeled out all to often for my liking, and what of the Americans allegedly spying on any and everyone be it friend or foe, just because the information may be of some use to them in the future.

Or what about what the Americans really think of their so called allies.I appreciate that to expect our leaders to always get on would be naive, but the Americans do not seem to have a good word to say about anyone.

As 'OTT_B' says its pretty dull stuff, no doubt some interesting stuff there, but there really has not been a major protest over the leaks,come on we have had bigger protests over the tuition fees, methinks the really juicy stuff stays well buried and the powers that be are not overly concerned with what is being published on Wiki-leaks.

  timsmith259 14:36 29 Nov 2010

major coincidence yes indeed its obvious the cia and the fbi and the pentagon are knee **** that they choose to hide the facts and distort the facts of the truth

  Devil Fish 22:51 29 Nov 2010

mupets like this should be hung drawn and quartred if true it risks lives it also risks security and world peace i will re itterate if true

  Forum Editor 23:03 29 Nov 2010

Well so say all of us, but what has that to do with the Wikileak revelations?

If you think that peeking at private communications between Embassy or consular officials and their governments is going to reveal 'the truth in the world' you're in for a serious shock. In any case, you don't have a right to see such stuff, any more than you have a right to rummage through emails sent by people who work for HM revenue and Customs, or see the correspondence between the Queen and her advisers.

Diplomatic missions deal with sensitive issues at times, and the people who work in embassies are as entitled to privacy as you and me.

The result of the Wikileaks fiasco will be that embassy staff and other diplomatic people will become hyper-sensitive, and make increased use of encryption in their correspondence - you'll actually know far less in the future as a result of all this.

  Forum Editor 23:04 29 Nov 2010

I suggest that you type the words 'paranoia definition' into a Google search.

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