Wi-fi hot spots are 'not secure'

  peter99co 11:32 01 Nov 2009

click here

Maybe not posted to the right forum but this is a bit alarming.

What software is needed to stop this kind of hacking?

  Forum Editor 12:58 01 Nov 2009

Most of it is already installed in your head - it's called common-sense. When using a punlic access WiFi hotspot:-

1. Make sure your firewall is running.

2. Access your email via a webmail interface, and make sure it has an https:// address.

3. Turn off file sharing in your operating system.

4. If you use hotspots a lot you should install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) application, like the one you'll see if you click here

5. Take a look around to see who else is nearby with a computer turned on.

6. As soon as you've finished, turn off your laptop's wireless adapter.

I use hotspots quite a lot, and so far I've been trouble-free.

  john bunyan 13:59 01 Nov 2009

See here:

click here
I was worried re eMail, I am loking at FE's suggestion

  spuds 14:27 01 Nov 2009

Try going around some students quarters, and you will soon find some weak links in the system.

  Simsy 21:53 01 Nov 2009

need to access via a hot spot, but may I ask FE why he recommends accessing email via webmail? I presume this means instead of via an email client?

Is there something inherently insecure in doing this?



  Forum Editor 22:35 01 Nov 2009

Without going into any details, I would find it relatively easy to get at your email client software, were you to use it whilst connected via a public access WiFi hotspot. I wouldn't be able to do the same thing if you were on an https page, accessing your email via the web.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:11 01 Nov 2009

What click here are you referring to in your point 4 list?


  Forum Editor 23:26 01 Nov 2009

My apologies - I spotted a typo in my original post, so I copied and pasted it with a correction, but I forgot to renew the link address.

click here

Thank you for pointing out the error.

  six-h 23:51 01 Nov 2009


  morddwyd 07:52 02 Nov 2009

I must admit that when I watched this on Watchdog I thought it was yet another example of them making a great deal of fuss about something that anyone with common sense would be aware of.

I wouldn't dream of using a site that needed anything other than a "dummy" password over a public network

  Simsy 08:06 02 Nov 2009

Thank you!

Would that apply if the connection to the hot spot was a secured one?




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