Wi-Fi dangers investigated again-PCA Blog

  TalYasis 13:34 21 May 2007

This blog appeared to-day from Simon Jary click here .
With respect Simon how many children sit for many hours in the day next to a working micro-wave?Also many parents will not allow their own children to make long,if any,mobile phone calls.

Apart from guess work and simple observations do you have the relevant technical qualifications to speak for the hidden dangers from wi-fi?

"We have lived with radio waves (ie. WiFi) for more than a century. We are right to investigate possible dangers, but the BBC should be ashamed of regurgitating year-old news stories just because constantly scaring parents seems to get the highest viewing figures." - I praise the BBC for re-supplying parents with this information.
I think that you will find that humans have been suffering from ill health and diseases for hundreds+ years but it does'nt stop us looking for the real causes. Wi-fi may just be one!

We,as parents,want to decide what risk factors new technology poses for young children and therefore we are unhappy to leave it to others who sit too close to the computer industry.

  Kate B 14:38 21 May 2007

Yeah, but base your decision about risk on proper science. Tonight's Panorama isn't based on proper science.

  TalYasis 14:47 21 May 2007

Thanks,I did'nt know it was on to-night.

Nor is many of the written acticles,by self appointed quack scientists,bases on proper science.
Safer to stick with good old fashion instincts and caution regarding consumer sales drives.

  Kate B 14:52 21 May 2007

Yup, couldn't agree more. Instinct tells me that Wi-Fi is safe. My imperfect understanding of the science tells me the same.

  simonjary 16:53 21 May 2007

My basic point - and it is basic - is that Panorama appears to be throwing one side of the scientific figures at parents without basing them on real dangers.

If x is three times more dangerous than y, that doesn't mean that x is dangerous if y is 100 times less dangerous than something which isn't dangerous!

It's simple scare mongering.

I'm a parent myself, and of course I think these things should be investigated and monitored. But the BBC is just scaring people with things that can't be seen (radio waves) because they are dressed up as new things (technology).

  simonjary 16:55 21 May 2007

People with expert knowledge on radio waves may post a response on the actual blog.

  sunny staines 17:11 21 May 2007

its the effect the waves have on the cell structure of a measured period of time in growing children and mature adults that neds to be measured.not sure if panorma will cover these facts.

  TalYasis 21:11 21 May 2007

Well done the BBC.
The start of the real campaign to outlaw the lethal but big bucks and politically sordidly backed Wi-fi business.

  hzhzhzhz 21:46 21 May 2007

Its time that this scaremongering via junk science was stopped.

  TalYasis 21:54 21 May 2007

Funny that,many said the same thing about the Scottish scientist Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928 when he spent a great deal of time analysing his green moldy cheese sandwich!

  WhiteTruckMan 22:10 21 May 2007

I do that on a weekly basis. Then I make a decision based on how hungry I am.


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