Why was I so stupid?

  pj123 17:49 12 Aug 2006

Just bought a 160gb Western Digital hard drive on eBay.

Yes, I read the conditions. Stated as "pulled from existing system due to upgrade". Untested, No Guarantee, No Returns and No Negative Feedback.

I thought, surely that can't have much wrong with it, maybe a few bad sectors or something.

Received it today, stuck it in as a slave. Oops!
No boot. All I get is click, click, click etc...

Tried it as master using a boot floppy as I assumed this was a blank disk and would need Partitioning/Formatting. Still no go. Just the continuous clicking. The BIOS shows it as WD 1600BB OK.

Moral. Don't buy anything as "Untested"

I could have bought the same capacity hard drive from my local supplier brand new for only £15 more than I paid on eBay. So now I am money down the drain and I still need to buy a 160gb hard drive.

  Jimmy14 17:53 12 Aug 2006

I hate the feeling when you have been ripped off or wasted money thinking everything would be fine. Especially Ebay you should watch out and maybe that will be a reminder to look elsewhere for more exspensive equipment e.g HDD. Amazon is very cheap too for HDD and as you say yourself you could have bought a brand new one with warranty for only £15 more. What a shame!

  anskyber 17:57 12 Aug 2006

There is an honest man, not everyone would admit to a small misjudgement like that. Good luck with your next purchase.

  pj123 18:09 12 Aug 2006

Well at least the packaging was good.

Maybe I could relist it on eBay myself (under the same conditions) and see if I could get something back?

  pj123 18:14 12 Aug 2006

Disregard my last post.

I am not that "thick skinned" so I find I would be unable to do that and rip someone off for the sake of a few pounds.

It's now in the bin.

  Totally-braindead 18:21 12 Aug 2006

A wise move may I say, if it was me I too could not resell it. If you still have it check the date of manufacture before you bin it, if its less than a year you could email Western Digital and get a replacement perhaps.
I know its a long shot but its worth a look.

  SG Atlantis® 18:25 12 Aug 2006

Leave him a positive stating facts.

"Product delivered on time and does not work, only fit for the bin."

...wait til he's left your feeedback first.

  pj123 18:29 12 Aug 2006

Thanks for that Totally-braindead.

The date on the disk is 23 Oct 2005.

Seems like less that a year to me.

Will try WD and see what they say.

  SB23 18:53 12 Aug 2006

Doesn't it seem a little unfair that a product is listed, but in the conditions it states, "Untested, No Guarantee, No Returns and No Negative Feedback".
How can they do that? Especially when you consider that the seller could be doing this to other individuals, and the buyer has no comeback whatsoever.

Anyway, a lesson learned, and all that stuff, hope you sort it.


  pj123 18:59 12 Aug 2006

SB23, no not really. There are plenty of items listed on eBay as "not working", "broken", "only usable as spare parts" etc.

As long as they are listed as that then you make your choice and take the chance.

  SB23 20:00 12 Aug 2006

I suppose, as you say, you took that chance, and it didn't quite work out how you wanted it too.

I'd still contact WD, you never know you're luck.


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