Why is there not a mad rush for VoIP?

  Z1100 21:26 25 Apr 2007

I have just implemented a VoIP solution for my business and now that I know how easy it is I am wondering when everyone else will catch on.

Sure I could be missing something and you can point it out but for me this is how I see it.

ISP Cost £15.00pcm
Phone Line Rental £12.00pcm + call rate
A phone £40.00

For my VoIP Service I still need my broadband connection so it is;

ISP cost £15.00
No Line Rental.
Call rate from £0.00 to 1.5p per min including international calls.
Phone £80.00 (or £20.00 - £1000.00 take your pick).

I am better of by at least £144.00 per year before I account for free VoIP to VoIP calls.

If (haha, the if bit) my friends and family took out a VoIP package we could have no costs after the setup.

Take a look at these extras that are included free and then come up with a good excuse not to switch...

FREE Software Telephone
FREE Incoming PSTN Number
FREE Unlimited Internet Calls
FREE Unlimited Video Calls
Low Cost International Calls
Low Cost Mobile Phone Calls
Editable Caller ID
FREE Call Waiting
FREE Caller ID
Call Divert
FREE Call Hold
FREE Music On Hold
Call Transfer
FREE Music On Transfer
FREE 3 Way Calls
Call Me Back Web Button (my favourite)
FREE Voice Mail
FREE Voice Mail Email Alerts
FREE 1471 Last Number To Call
Web Calls
WiFi Calls
Multiple Lines
Call Conferencing
FREE Access Call Back Service
SMS Text Messaging
SMS Call Back
SMS Alerts
FREE Fax To Email
Real time Online Control Panel
Online Address Book
Inbound Call Records
Outbound Call Records
Auto Top Up

So why is it all so slow? Am I just early or have I missed the danger signs...?

  anskyber 21:33 25 Apr 2007

How have you avoided line rental? If you are getting your BB through an ADSL line like me it's unavoidable.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:33 25 Apr 2007

in this matter, but I thought that as you need a BT line for broadband, and you had to pay line rental anyway. Is this not the case?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:37 25 Apr 2007

click here
click here
..and many private phone companies offer similar or cheaper prices than VOIP...and better quality. If I did not have to have a phone for t'internet, VOIP would be useful but I have to have the phone line, so....


  Sapins 22:07 25 Apr 2007

I use click here and the quality is excellent, I use my ordinary cordless phone after dialing on the computer, I credit €10 for 120 days credit and I get one hour each call for 5 euro cents, cannot be beaten in my opinion.

  dagbladet 22:17 25 Apr 2007

I pay £1 a month to Talk-Talk for unlimited free calls to 30 countries.

  Totally-braindead 22:36 25 Apr 2007

Theres no mad rush as far as I am concerned as I don't use the phone that much so its not going to save me a lot.
Different if you use the phone a great deal.

  bluto1 23:23 25 Apr 2007

What charges are made for 0870/0845 numbers?

  Z1100 23:55 25 Apr 2007

BB on Cable not ADSL, I chose that so that I got the actual speeds advertised it's a 4mb package and I like it. It suits our modest needs and it is constant.

My customers love the 'call me back' and I believe that feature alone has attracted more business than any other fresh adverts I have placed.

I think the gimmick quality seems to attract people that would otherwise have 'browsed' away from the website, they just have to try it to see if it is real.

0870 Non Geographic Number FREE
0845 Non Geographic Number £1.69 +vat
UK Geographic Number £1.69 + vat
I don't need that service though.

and it is all PAYG.


  anskyber 23:59 25 Apr 2007

Ah ha! That explains it. Incidentally I've been using VOIP for a couple of years.

  Forum Editor 00:03 26 Apr 2007

to talk to clients in Asia and Australia. I wouldn't dream of using a conventional phone for those calls.

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