Why no police action on conmen

  Switcher 23:44 23 Nov 2008

Recently two conmen appeared at my door in the evening claiming to be representing a company who took aerial pictures of dwellings on the island where I live. I deduced that they were neds up to know good and probably sizing up the house to see if anyone was at home. I told them I was not interested and they left possibly quicker than they intended when my big 6ft 5in Serbian pal appeared behind me. I contacted the police who came out immediately and investigated the matter and reported back to me the next day. The guys were warned off and escorted off the island next day.
I get at least two other attempts by conmen every day to con me out of the log in details to my online banking. Some of these phishing attempts are very convincing and I can imagine many people being caught out. So shouldn't the police be doing something about this rather than washing their hands of it.

  Switcher 23:46 23 Nov 2008

OOPS for Know good Substitute NO good

  Forum Editor 23:52 23 Nov 2008

that the police are "washing their hands of it."?

Have you any idea how complex a subject this is, and how difficult it can be to track down the sources of phishing attempts?

  24/7 12:00 24 Nov 2008


Cant really comment on the story but the island where u are sounds nice..? care to be a bit more transparent on it..??
ive always wanted to live on a island like jersey etc..

  Switcher 14:43 24 Nov 2008
  Switcher 14:59 24 Nov 2008

I am well aware of how complex this subject is.

However I will try reporting the three "Identity Fraud" type emails which I received today to the police and see if If I receive any other reaction than "sorry sir there is nothing we can do about this, just pass it on to your bank"

  sunnystaines 15:32 24 Nov 2008

remember they are human just like shop assistants and any other occupation you get helpful ones, outright lazy ones, and numpties.

  Switcher 15:56 24 Nov 2008

My comments do not relect any complaint regarding my local police I am very happy with them but to what I believe is general police policy i.e. Phishing emails should be reported to banks not Police authorities.

  Forum Editor 16:47 24 Nov 2008

surrounding phishing emails you would understand why it is that your local police tell you there's nothing they can do about - because there is nothing they can do.

Each day there are millions of these messages in circulation, and trying to track down the perpetrators is like trying to shovel smoke - they are constantly on the move, in a digital sense, and servers are often in locations that are outside police jurisdiction. There is international cooperation, but most Police services are woefully underfunded and under-resourced when it comes to internet matters.

You're just one of millions of people who received the same emails, and police services everywhere will have received complaints about them, as will dozens of banks around the world.

Accusing police of washing their hands of this problem tells me that you don't appreciate the sheer scale and complexity of it, which is why I said what I did in my earlier post.

  Switcher 19:42 24 Nov 2008

Forum Editor

I do understand the complexity of the matter. Just because I do not agree with your comments does not give you the right to be so condecending.

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