Why is it so hard to get a laptop with 64bit OS?

  kendo666 10:53 18 Feb 2008

Trying to find a laptop with 64 Bit Vista (or XP 64bit) installed is not so easy.

I get ask why do I need it? I want the 4gb of RAM that i've paid for!! I'm running multiple vmware images on it and they're taking all my memory.

Asus, etc only supply with 32 bit. There is no migration path for e.g. Vista Ultimate 32 bit to Ultimate 64 bit. Microsoft say "Both versions are on the install disk" but most companies will supply you with an OEM disk that doesn't have 64 bit version included.

So, what to do, i'm going to have to get the machine hand-built for me just to get at the 4gb.

There must be some manufacturers out there who'll let me choose the OS? (but not charge me almost twice the price for the machine (e.g. Dell))

Sorry, rant over


  crosstrainer 11:15 18 Feb 2008

Frankly the 64 bit versions of XP and Vista are rife with driver issues, compatibility problems and more. Many well known hardware and software firms are not writing 64 bit drivers / versions for 64 bit machines.

Frankly it's more trouble than it's worth at the moment. Go for 32 bit for now. You will regret going down the 64 bit route I fear. I have a handful of clients who have, and nothing but grief has ensued.

  kendo666 13:44 18 Feb 2008


for now just get on off-the-shelf with 32bit and maybe think about upgrading when (if) the driver issues are ever resolved :)

  interzone55 13:51 18 Feb 2008

I must concur with crosstrainer on this one, due to the fact that most hardware within a laptop uses custom drivers, 64 drivers have not and probably will not be written.

64 bit Vista will not run 16 bit applications, now this might not seem much hardship until you realise that many programs still use legacy code in their install routines, which means that you'll have a lot of trouble installing applications written by sloppy coders.

  McD 15:30 18 Feb 2008

I have been looking at "upgrading" my laptop and really liked the look of the MESH GX700 and GX700 Extreme. click here
Then I noticed both have Intel® Core™2 Duo 64-Bit T7250 processors. I might be wrong but aren't these laptops 64 bit? It has kind of put me off going for the MESH because of the arguments above!!

  anskyber 15:48 18 Feb 2008

Yes 64bit processors with 32bit Vista.

  McD 15:54 18 Feb 2008

Don't mean to hijack Ken's thread - but a bit (no pun intended) confused. So the MESH GX700 is not 64bit and it has a 32bit Vista OS installed?

  anskyber 16:08 18 Feb 2008

Yes, it's the processor which is 64bit, which most are these days.

  paul€ 20:17 18 Feb 2008

'I get ask why do I need it? I want the 4gb of RAM that i've paid for!!'

You don't need a 64bit O\S for that.

A 32 bit windows will do that for you in a laptop. If it has onboard graphics because the total memory will be 4Gb.

I have 4Gb in my laptop and running Vista 32bit.

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