Why isnt there any gaming programs?

  wolfie3000 17:51 23 Aug 2008

The last one i remember was one on late at night hosted ny 3 girls, i cant remember the title of the show.
(anyone know what the show was called?)

Also many years back there was Gamesmaster, so why none now?

Its one of the most popular activities nowadays and i feel the tv channels are missing out on a good thing.

Come to think of it there's hardly any programs about computers although its one of the biggest growing markets,
The only show i know of is Click online but that's shown at around 4AM, come on program makers stop excluding us.

  Snec 18:31 23 Aug 2008

You threw me there wolfie, you're talking about programmes, not programs lol.

Yes, you are right.... that Gamesmaster programme was very entertaining.

  MAT ALAN 18:45 23 Aug 2008
  gengiscant 18:48 23 Aug 2008

oh wolfie3000,the anti brit

  interzone55 20:05 23 Aug 2008

The programme you're thinking of was Bitz with the lovely Aleks Krotoski and Emily Newton-Dunn & Emily Booth.

I've tried to find it on Google and it's as if it never existed, but there is an entry on IMDB click here

  mrwoowoo 20:56 23 Aug 2008

was the programme that i really enjoyed on channel 4.It started anywhere between about 1.15am to 4.15am.
Oh why did it end? *sniff*

  Si_L 23:29 23 Aug 2008

When I was in India there was a channel almost devoted to it. Their favourite show was pitting 'professional' (in commas because I'm not sure it can be a profession!) Counter Strike players against each other. It was quite good actually, but to be honest I only watched it for lack of any decent programmes on.

  Forum Editor 23:35 23 Aug 2008

computer games aren't a mass audience thing. I don't have statistics to quote, but my guess is that computer gamers tend to be male. My wife simply wouldn't watch any programme about any form of computer activity, and I imagine the same would apply to most (although not all)female viewers.

  wolfie3000 23:59 23 Aug 2008

Aleks Krotoski, yeah i remember now, she was sexy,
Bitz was an awesome show.

as for games not appealing to females i can dispute that outright as i have female friends who are avid gamers and have met many female gamers online and not just the cute fuzzy games but games like halo, counter strike and many other FPS games.

This notion that gaming today is still mainly a male activity is false,

just have a look at some of the links on this site to see what i mean.

click here

Lets hope soon that the programme makers make a show about gaming or at least computers and put it on at a reasonable time.

  wolfie3000 00:09 24 Aug 2008


Gaming can be a profession and a very good one too,
The most famous is Fatal1ty.

click here

Even gamers like SK.toxic and cypher are making more money than they can spend and considering SK.toxic is only 17 thats not a bad life.

Heres Fatal1ty and SK.toxic going at it head to hea, its one of the most famous gaming videos ever.

click here

  Forum Editor 00:54 24 Aug 2008

is still mainly a male activity is false"

Is it - where's your supporting data?

A survey carried out in 2004 showed that serious game-playing (more than 15 hours a week) is largely a male thing.

Less than 5% of the people taking games courses at university are female.

Only 15% of A-level IT students are female.

Only 25% of university IT students are women.

Only 22% of the UK's IT workforce is female.

In the computer games industry only 15% of the workforce is female, and only 5% of them work in games development.

There's also evidence to show that women prefer playing games online and console gaming.

I believe the industry itself is largely responsible for the low numbers of women workers - it tends to be male-dominated and therefore the working atmosphere deters women from applying for jobs.

What you asked about was why there aren't more TV programmes about games, and I offered an explanation. I think it was probably the right one but if you disagree why do you think there aren't more programmes? There must be a reason, and I'm pretty sure that it's the one I gave.

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