Why I'm giving up broadband

  Pesala 20:42 07 Feb 2005

Not me, I hasten to add, but this is a good article on the BBC website: click here

  rowdy 21:03 07 Feb 2005

I feel the same way about television. When you eliminate the dumbed down content,news repeats,excessive spot coverage I wonder why I pay the licence.


  rowdy 21:04 07 Feb 2005

read sport


  spikeychris 21:04 07 Feb 2005

Good read Pesala.

  VoG II 21:07 07 Feb 2005

Oh dear! I must be a broadband luddite.

  watchful 21:37 07 Feb 2005

What an interesting and enlightening read!

Think I'll stick with my old 56k after all.

  Pesala 22:23 07 Feb 2005

The novelty will wear off eventually. Meanwhile we're all still discovering many new things we can do with the internet and broadband, that were simply not possible before. It is a great tool for my academic research and correspondence, but it is definitely much too absorbing. I put a saucepan on the other day to boil some water, switched on the immersion heater, and then sat down just to answer a question on one of the Buddhist forums that I frequent. Probably answering some question about mindfulness. (~_~) About two hours later I went into the kitchen to find it full of steam, and the glass lid of dry saucepan (stainless steel fortunately) beginning to crackle from the heat.

At least I had I nice hot bath!

  exdragon 23:23 07 Feb 2005

Why is it, when you're stood in the bathroom, waiting for the bath to fill, it takes hours. When you turn the taps on, check out a few postings here, it takes a nanosecond to get to within a centimetre of the top?

  Forum Editor 00:24 08 Feb 2005

It's like those people who say "I don't need TV - I could happily live without it". Knowing full well that they are unlikely ever to be put to the test. It's the same thing with broadband, people may say that they don't need it, but they say that because they have it.

Me, I'll stick to broadband, and all the advantages that it brings.

  end 00:57 08 Feb 2005

not to justify my use of BB , but I have relatives in far-flung places of the world; I have study I can do on-line;people with who I need to keep in contact; and, having experienced the "pain " of dial-up and waiting for some ten minutes to connect, only to have the connection "drop" in ten seconds ..

  CurlyWhirly 00:58 08 Feb 2005

Me, I'll stick to broadband, and all the advantages that it brings.

Me too, I could NEVER go back to a 56k modem now, after having experienced broadband for nearly 2 years!

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