Why I hate my dentist

  WhiteTruckMan 00:29 24 Nov 2007

About 2 months ago I lost a filling. Took about three weeks to get an appointment at my dentists, who looked at it, bunged in a temporary filling, and pronounced that I needed root canal work on it. And while I was at it, the one next to it (that was causing me no bother at all) could do with it as well. I informed him that I couldn’t afford both doing at once, so he advised me to make an appointment and he would just do the one for now. I cant afford to take any time off work so I got an 8am appointment (in a months time) being told it would take about 1 hour, which agreed with what I had previously had done. I arrived promptly at 8 when the doors opened, asked that only the one tooth was being done, and treatment commenced at 8:30! Come 9am, I was told that they had run out of time, and that a temporary filling would be put in place and to make another appointment, then off to work I went. You can imagine how I felt when I looked in my mouth with a mirror to see that he had in fact made a start on both teeth! So without any warning he has committed me to medical treatment that I cannot afford and that I requested not to be done. So now I am going to have to stump up the best part of a months wages for a couple of hours work.

This guys going to have a happy Christmas all right.


And to add insult to (financial) injury, the temporary filling had the consistency and strength of apple crumble, and has already fallen out.


  mrwoowoo 01:04 24 Nov 2007

When the works complete,plead ignorance to knowing that he has started work on both teeth.
Then when he presents the bill tell him you specifically asked for one tooth to be done and give him half the fee.
If he dosen't like it, tell him you could sue him for personal violation as he interfeared with your person without permission.

  laurie53 07:57 24 Nov 2007

Dentists have their equivalent of the GMC.

He can be struck off for this.

  Forum Editor 08:07 24 Nov 2007

with a written quotation for the work. It's not uncommon for dentists to be told that their patient can't afford to pay for root canal work. I've recently gone through this process myself - I had to have the work done on one tooth, but nevertheless it ended up costing me over £500. One visit to open the roots (3) ream them out so they were clean, and cover with a temporary dressing,ready for the next part of the process, which happened week later. That consisted of filling the roots with Gutta Percha. Then, a fortnight later the job was completed with a permanent filling over the roots.

The procedure is tricky, and I can understand why it costs quite a lot. Having work done that you specifically asked not to be done is an unacceptable imposition, to put it mildly, and I would be protesting loud and clear at such a cavalier attitude.

Just one point - I suppose you're absolutely certain that the work extends to both teeth? My temporary filling looked far too big when I saw it in the mirror - mainly I think because it was a startling white colour.

  JanetO 08:52 24 Nov 2007

I've just had 2 small fillings, xrays, hygenist and all for £300.

  Forum Editor 08:56 24 Nov 2007

"He can be struck off for this."


  anskyber 10:21 24 Nov 2007


It's also interesting to compare prices and the FE's comment about a written estimate is well made. When I moved from Cornwall a few years ago to live in Cumbria we kept our dentist. (no you have not misread my post)

I'm very pleased I did, apart from ensuring we go there twice a year to visit family and friends our excellent dentist is realistic about charges. I had a root canal filling following the procedure the FE has explained and I paid £125.

  DANZIG 10:36 24 Nov 2007

Having just read anskyber's post reminds me of my dad.

His dentist is just down the road from Nottingham.

He lives just outside Antequerra, a small town in Southern Spain.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:04 24 Nov 2007

and it wasnt simply a single figure, but broken down item by item of the procedure for the tooth. Then it was repeated again for the second tooth.

The tooth that I didnt want touching was one that was being kept an eye on by my regular dentist-someone different in the same practice, but who hasnt been available for a while, apparently due to personal reasons. He was happy that the tooths condition posed no problems, but told me of things to watch out for, none of which has happened. But I find that it has been operated on, because the difference between permanant and temporary filling material is plain to see.

Unfortunately I am stuck betweena rock and a hard place because the work has been left half done. I will be going back to see him on monday morning to have words with him, but I am very angry indeed with him for not heeding my instruction and placeing me in a vulnerable financial position, especially this close to christmas.


  FungusBoggieman 11:23 24 Nov 2007

WOW im glad my teeth are the way they are.
brush once in the morning
in 40 years ive only had two teeth pulled out.
the last cost me £19.00 nhs emergency dentist dont have a normal dentist where i live the cues are longer than some shops in the january sales.

  realist 15:46 24 Nov 2007

I've just paid £5,000 up-front for about 6 months' dental work to include a number of implants @ £1,500 per tooth. The total cost will be around £8,000 - £10,000 depending on the option I go for.

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