why is HSBC being sneaky

  Seth Haniel 15:06 22 Oct 2009

had three phone calls over the last three days - one went dead as soon as I answered - the second just silence - today I just remained silent and after part of a tape an asian voice came on wanting to offer me better service from HSBC - the number they called on was 08000304909 which I did a web search for without result and also tried from a landline and got either number unobtainable and further tries by a message saying 'you where call by the HSBC bank - no further action is neccessary' -

But why the silent treatment - and wasn't going to reply to unknown number on mobile as '0800' numbers cost on Orange.

  amonra 16:43 22 Oct 2009

I have been waiting since 12 noon for a call from the hospital to pick up a neighbour who had to go in for a cataract operation.
FOUR times the phone has rung, either a silence or an asian voice asking to speak to Meester ****** ? If you dial 1471 you find "the caller did not reveal his number". Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

  morddwyd 17:27 22 Oct 2009

Not uncommon

click here

That was also, ostensibly, HSBC.

  jack 17:31 22 Oct 2009

The trick of an automatic dialling system and when connected the first available picks up - no operator availa.ble - no pickup
This has type of call supposed to be band- and and the simple act of signing up to TPS - should stop all that.
Amora- I suspect the hospital and the the four calls are not related.
Once more as above signing up to TPS should cap it.

  peter99co 17:44 22 Oct 2009

Had the same calls and I told the bank not to ring me again to promote their products.

One caller who was HSBC wanted to pass info but when I refused to confirm it was me by giving my postcode would not pass the info. I checked the bank and they said it was them but needed to ask for security reasons before imparting info.

I have had to get them to put on file my preferences for such info as letter only.

  spuds 19:40 22 Oct 2009

Over the past week, we have been receiving between 4 to 6 ring twice then silence calls. They start about 10am and finish around 7pm. Checking on 1471 seems to suggest that they are from two regions in Scotland.

I now someone published a link a short time ago, for tracing these type of calls and numbers. Doe's anyone have the particular post available, because it would be interesting to know who these people might be (apologies for hijacking).

  spuds 19:41 22 Oct 2009

Should have said 'Over the past month' (not week).

  sidecar sid 20:22 22 Oct 2009

click here

  spuds 22:26 22 Oct 2009

Thats the one. Traced the annoying numbers, and all seem to have complaints against them about the tactics being used.

Apologies once again for hijacking. Promise I won't do it again ;o)

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