Why have so many

  ronalddonald 00:11 31 May 2008

Motor Bike shops closed and are closing down. Is it to do with the price of petrol. Esecialy in London So many have disapeared almost over night.

Is it te insurance to high, or shop space costing too much? Somebody knows whats going on somewhere some how!

  Forum Editor 08:03 31 May 2008

shops usually close for one of three reasons:

1. They aren't making money.

2. The lease has expired.

3. The owner is retiring, or moving onto something else.

In London, at least, I would imagine the motorbike business is booming, especially since the arrival of congestion zone charging. There certainly seem to be far more bikes on the roads.

  ulrich 08:53 31 May 2008

As an avid motorbike fan for 45yrs and just done 10,000 mile in the last year, I also find it strange that bikeshops seemed to have disappeared.
What seems to have gone are the single dealerships, if you wanted a Yamaha you went to one shop, Honda you went to another. Now they seem to be doubled up. Triumph which seem to be a good seller in England, I don't have a clue where there is a dealership. I live on the Herts/Cambs border. I get the impression there are more dealers the further North you go.

  Quickbeam 09:30 31 May 2008

as Always they are the usual Saturday morning meeting points, and just as much attention in my 29 year old Suzuki when I lean it on the wall as the latest 1000 horse power Yamakamasukida:)

  Nibblerman 10:19 31 May 2008

well as we all know there is a major slowdown economicly & i dont think its just motorcycle shops its everywhere, & things aint going to get any better in the next 3/5 years

  rickf 10:39 31 May 2008

I suspect its becuase rents in London are very high. When a lease runs out the increase in rental makes it unviable to continue. I recently investigated the possibility of starting up a high street shop in my locality and very quickly came to the conclusion that both the start up and running costs made it a near impossibility. There's rent, business tax, council tax for business etc + the kind of you lease you are able to negotiate with the landlords, ie full repair or not etc., turns it into a farce hardly worth starting.
Most of the shops on my high street have turned into restaurants and estate agents after the original shops closed.

  Bingalau 11:31 31 May 2008

Most of the shops around here seem to be turning in to charity shops. But there is what appears to be a thriving motor cycle shop in Southport.

  Cymro. 11:56 31 May 2008

"Motor Bike shops closed and are closing down. Is it to do with the price of petrol"

I would have thought that the price of petrol would be of help to the motorbike industry as motorbikes use very much less petrol than any car.

  ulrich 19:31 31 May 2008

Uses as much petrol as my Fiesta, that's the way I drive though. I was in a bike shop today and the boss was pleased he sold 2 bikes.

There are an awful lot of expensive bikes on the road and most of the riders can't service them in fact I think the modern biker doesn't have a clue.
The servicing does need the help of Computers.

  rogerdavis 21:25 31 May 2008

Newcastle today.

The place was heaving with bikers and motor bike shops. There is about 20 bike or bike related shops.

  dagbladet 09:29 01 Jun 2008

My EN500 Kawasaki, which is a parallel twin de-tuned for a cruiser, uses as much petrol as my Yaris
1-litre. I drive them both like Miss Daisy.

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