Why have free out of date software on your PC?

  Jake_027 17:49 08 Jul 2007

Many times on here I see people using adobe reader 7, internet explorer 6, media player 10, messenger 7.5, flash player 7, etc. Is there any reason for anyone not using up to date software? Is it just a case of forgetting to update because they aren't reminded, or are there compatibility issues, and if so, what are they? Or is it just that they are comfortable with what they have?? I'm not trying to have a go at anyone, I'm just interested to know why.

  Joe R 17:54 08 Jul 2007


I have a few "oldies" that I still use, Photoshop 6, Nero 6.6, Office 2003 to name a few.

I am both comfortable with and know what to do with these programs, and have not seen anything I require in the later versions.

  Joe R 18:01 08 Jul 2007


sorry, just reread the thread, and it wasn't bought software you were speaking of.

  PalaeoBill 18:02 08 Jul 2007

Many of my clients use proprietary software one particluar client has a Windows 2000 Server based installation running Windows 2000 on thin clients. In their case the OS restricts them to IE6, and server loading is much better when Adobe Reader 5 is used along with an older version of Office. In the scheme of things this works very nicely for them. The cost benefit analysis of an upgrade is on the side of not upgrading for now.

  monkeyboy21 18:07 08 Jul 2007

Have WMP 10, ended up rolling back as i just couldn't get on with wmp11, including major problems with the drm, although all of the cd's imported were mine! Same with my hotmail account - just don't like the style of Beta they are using, so i've kept the old one!

  Totally-braindead 18:22 08 Jul 2007

I personally only upgrade when I have to, the reason is some of the updated programs can cause trouble. If the program you are using does all you ask of it and causes no problems then why upgrade.

  robgf 18:51 08 Jul 2007

It isn't always worth updating, if the software already has all the features you want.
And sometimes the updated software has been "tweaked" too much and lost the must have feature of the original version, or has become buggy.

A good recent example would be Ad-Aware, that has had a major revamp and now seems to be beset with problems.

Also, if you are on dialup, the downloading time can be a consideration, the previously mentioned Ad-Aware has jumped from a modest couple of Mbs, to a whopping 17Mb. The new version of acrobat is 22Mb, while version 6 is 16Mb and the perfectly functional v5 is just 8Mb.

  Si_L 19:47 08 Jul 2007

To name a few:

- New software is more likely to have bugs
- People don't want to pay for updates, or choose to buy the cheaper, older program which does the job just as well.
- Users feel more comfortable on software they are used to
- New software may not be compatible
- No reason to upgrade - software does its job fine
- Newer software is more demanding on the PC

  anskyber 20:06 08 Jul 2007

Well, I imagine since some here have not read your thread title, it's probably lack of concentration.

  Jake_027 20:16 08 Jul 2007

I understand having old paid for software as it costs obviously, and I understand the limitations with regards to OS's such as windows 9x and 2000 and dial up, but looking at other responses, the "old" software was once new, so wasn't it "buggy"? And also, if the new software is not to people's liking, they can always revert back by uninstalling it and reinstalling older versions. But sometimes it's not always worse. I found adobe reader 8 a lot faster to load and easier to use than 7 for example. And surely by having old software, people are leaving themselves exposed to discovered security holes?

Any thoughts?

  jack 20:20 08 Jul 2007

I guess this has been said in one way or another

If it is working for you- why risk a foul up-?
Many 'improvements are so marginal so as to be
no improvement at all

This is also true of Many Commercial items particularly in the Graphics editor field.
Moving from version 10 say to version 11 is not much to get excited about
But if you are on version 7 or 8 -then upgrade by all means.

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