why has my post been chopped??

  welshbenson 19:31 14 May 2006

So why has my post about mesh vanished then FE?
I brought something into the public domain as it seemed to be of interest, if it's been chopped it would be nice to know why.

  spikeychris 19:36 14 May 2006


  keith-236134 19:38 14 May 2006

Yes, an explanation would be nice sometimes. Stand-by for an angry outburst from Gandalf....lol

  SB23 19:48 14 May 2006

There was another about an Isp, that I responded to, one minute there, next gone. Either way, there must have been reasons.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:01 14 May 2006

No point replying to those who cannot comprehend the forum rules. ;-))


  Forum Editor 20:22 14 May 2006

1. "So why has my post about mesh vanished then FE?" is hardly the way to enquire about a deletion. I must have said it a thousand times - I don't discuss individual deletions in open forum, and if you want to know the reasons behind a specific instance then all you have to do is ask me via email - that's why we have the "Contact Forum Editor" link at the top of the page.

2. Harrying me in the forum will not have the desired effect - it's been tried before, and failed. I'm under no obligation to discuss my editorial decisions.

As for "I brought something into the public domain as it seemed to be of interest" - that's absolute rubbish. What you brought into the "pulic domain" as you call it was a half-baked rumour, specifically designed to stir up trouble - you've exhibited a distinct liking for posting gratuitously spiteful comments about this company for some time, and we're not here to provide you with a platform for a vendetta. If you have a specific problem with a supplier by all means tell us about it, and we'll try to help, but if all you want to do is take a swipe at a manufacturer whenever the fancy takes you you'll find that you've picked the wrong forum, and the wrong forum editor. I've seen it all before, and I'm not going to gratify your obvious desire for an orgy of Mesh-bashing, or any other company bashing for that matter. It's not the way that civilised people behave, and certainly not the way we behave in our forum.

If there are problems with suppliers we'll discuss them, but we'll do it in a mature fashion. What we won't so is get all hysterical about something that's been overheard in some bar.

If you want to remain with us you had better think twice before posting in such an irresponsible way again.

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