Why don't people treat CD/DVDs with respect.

  pj123 15:04 24 Apr 2008

I have just borrowed a 3 CD Album from my local library.

Not one of the CDs play properly. When I check the CDs they are full of scratches/fingerprints etc.

I tried a clean but it made no difference.

  Si_L 15:07 24 Apr 2008

Because they don't belong to them.

  pj123 15:25 24 Apr 2008

I thought that would be the first answer, but you have to pay a fee to borrow them.

That alone would surely mean you look after them while in your possession?

If I borrow a book from the library it is free, but I don't start tearing pages out because it isn't mine.

I borrow it, I read it, I return it for someone else to read.

I would have hoped that would be the same idea for CD/DVDs?

I borrow it, I listen/watch it, I return it.

  Si_L 15:46 24 Apr 2008

People pay the fee, put it on their iPod, and then what incentive is there to look after it?

  peter99co 16:13 24 Apr 2008

It would make people jump if the Library checked the returned items and charged if not in good condition. After all they know how many times the goods have been taken out of the library in the first place. Maybe a deposit should be levied based on return in good condition.

Unless the original fee and the number of times used equals the value. Popular loans would pay for themselves in wear and tear.

It is then a case that the library should not issue a faulty dvd/cd.

  Gray Goo 17:14 24 Apr 2008

Take them back and if possible tell them where the fault(s) are. The Library should check your findings and reimbyr you or offer another rental. If you just say they are faulty then someone has to play them all to find the faults.

  Gray Goo 17:15 24 Apr 2008

that should be reimburse

  Gray Goo 17:16 24 Apr 2008

Should you need an incentive to keep a rental in good order?

  Gray Goo 17:20 24 Apr 2008

A visual check should be performed but does not always show up defects. Are you suggesting that every CD and DVD is played when returned?

  interzone55 20:48 24 Apr 2008

A lot of people have no respect for other people or their property.

I used to work in a video library and you should have seen the state of the tapes people returned, they were often covered in food, juice, grease and other unsavoury substances. If the tape was not salvageable we had a nice man who went round to the customers house with the tape and an invoice for a new copy, people rarely refused to pay when the alternative was great pain.

Also my wife worked in a library during her student days and there were some interesting things used as bookmarks, and no kidding she once got a book returned with a rasher of bacon (raw) neatly tooked in the back pages. Unfortunately libraries rarely have access to the type of man who used to recover my employers costs...

  cream. 21:13 24 Apr 2008

Didn't Raymond Baxter once say that the CD disk is virtually indestructible, on Tomorrows World.

He obviously didn't lend any out.

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