Why does this camera case have 2 zips?

  Sapins 11:56 22 Oct 2004

This is driving me right up the wall.

I bought a camera case, soft material, it has two compartments, large one for camera, small one for spare batteries/cards etc; with zips that close each compartment along the top edge, the main compartment has 2 zips which can be one at each side or both at one side, if you follow me.

Now, why does it have 2 zips in the first place? I can close the compartment with one zip which then closes up next to the other zip, and each zip can be moved to either side of the compartment.

I hope that little lot is clear to understand!!

Someone suggested the the second one is in case the first one breaks, but that doesn't make sense because the broken one would impede the other one.

If anyone can enlighten me they will make an old man very happy, whereas these zips are making a happy man very old :-(



  It's Me 12:21 22 Oct 2004

This kind of thing is usually called 'an improvement for the benefit of the customer'.

Always reminds me of the old lady who, donkey's years ago, went to her bank to get a copy of her Bank Pass Sheet.

The youngsters here won't believe that you could do that, they were typed out and casted by hand, this being a modernisation on the ink kept pass books.(Hence Bank Pass Sheets as an alternative name for Bank Statements).

However, back to the tale; she was informed that she would be sent one in 3 days, which provoked her reply of she always got it over the counter before. She was then informed that they had 'computerised' and that it now took 3 days to do it, and her obvious following query was answered by 'it has been done for our customers benefit'.

Like all things nowadays, the bright spark 'experts' mucking it all up. I drew out some saving from an Insurance bond the other day. 4 years ago it took 3 days for the cheque to arrive, this time it took 4 telephone calls, and 27 days, and I was told it was all due to the new improved system that they had introduced.

There is every chance that the zips will fail, and then you will need a hacksaw to get into the b------ case.

I regret that we old uns were not designed for this present world.

Victor M. had a lot going for him!

  spuds 12:37 22 Oct 2004

For Left or Right handed people ;o)

  Diemmess 12:45 22 Oct 2004

Once I used to go into my bank branch, ask for a balance and receive after a minute wait the answer which was written in pencil on a tiny scrap of paper torn from a pad and folde once "for privacy".

Now I take several minutes online going through the hoops of security and Lo...the answer on screen, no paper involved. Progress!!!

  [email protected] 13:55 22 Oct 2004

probably not the reason but perhaps it's so that you can create a small hole in between the 2 zips for the wristband to fit through should you want to use it

  terryr48 14:01 22 Oct 2004

Perhaps its so you can put a small padlock in to stop the zips accidentely opening and losing the contents? (or chain it to your wrist) ;-)

  ventanas 14:12 22 Oct 2004

My camera case is exactly the same. No idea why two zips, but it all looks very symetrical.

  jack 14:13 22 Oct 2004

It is called 'Product Improvement'
Is is always done to give it 'Added Value'
ie to make it a good excuse to up the price from the older version.
Old synicme :o>

  Sapins 14:17 22 Oct 2004

Maybe I can use Winzip to resolve it?

Thanks for all your replies folks, I'll have to live with it until I find a case with a single zip:-)



  JonnyTub 15:40 22 Oct 2004

Might it be so you could use a small padlock to secure the camera inside, much the same way as suitcases?

Wouldn't do much to deter a lifter though seeing as it's knickable either way.

oh well, the mystery continues........

  JonnyTub 15:50 22 Oct 2004

ooops, just seen terry's post.

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