Why do we desire thinner & thinner Phones?

  wee eddie 16:33 08 Jun 2013

And then have to go out and buy a case, to protect it because it is so delicate, thereby making it thicker than one that has been designed to be sufficiently robust.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:57 08 Jun 2013

We don't

we are only told we do

so they call make more money selling us the case. :0)

  spuds 17:13 08 Jun 2013

How things have improved, I recall the first Motorola 'suitcase' mobiles. No matter how big and hefty they were, they still needed protection from abuse?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:28 08 Jun 2013

Phones need to be able to stand:

a minimum of a 2m drop onto concrete / hard surface (dropped while - using, bending over, getting in/out of car)

drop into water (puddles, streams, the sea)

being sat on (back pocket)

I seem to have done most of the above in the last 15yrs of owing a mobile ;0)

roll on the "flexi phone"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:30 08 Jun 2013

flexi phones out by 2013 where and can I afford one?

  Ex plorer 19:38 08 Jun 2013

Technology is fantastic and in miniaturization in what we can carry around with us today.

I think there was a Tie that had been adapted into a phone a few years back.

Or have I been watching to many 007 films.

  Forum Editor 19:47 08 Jun 2013

Why do we desire thinner & thinner Phones?

We don't, until the industry offers them to us, and then we want them. Like all technology companies, phone manufacturers need to innovate or die, so they keep producing thinner, more feature-rich phones, and large numbers of people want them, because as soon as they know they're available they feel their existing phone is no longer at the cutting edge.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:59 08 Jun 2013

As long as we can still make steam by burning coal, my phone will still work. It's does all I want it to do.

  Flak999 20:24 08 Jun 2013

I must confess I am a lover of new technology, but I don't change just for the sake of it. So long as the particular item in question does what I want it to do then I am happy!

Having said that, as soon as a new piece of kit comes along with what I consider to be a must have function I am on my way to the shops. (that's a lie, I mean online!) I held off buying a smartphone for ages but now I have my Iphone I wouldn't be without it.

It is amazing in this digital electronic age how easily we become reliant on these gadgets. I have just returned from a visit to New York and the total assault on the senses that, that city gives you makes me wonder what the pilgrim fathers would have made of it all!

  wee eddie 04:06 09 Jun 2013

Did I say anything about new features? - No I did not. All these new features would attract me if I were 20+ again.

I was commenting about the thickness of the phones, which means that the glass is not protected from lateral damage. Many of the phones that come into my hands (they're offered as security as fares are got from elsewhere) are damaged and it usually appears to be spreading from damage to the edge of the glass.

I thought that our local kids musty be particularly careless. However, last week I went down to Bath, by train, and observation of my fellow passengers suggests that about 1 in 6 are damaged this way.

I suppose that making something easy to break is one way of ensuring continual sales!

  kad292 06:18 09 Jun 2013

Your last sentence,post 4-06AM, "I suppose that making something easy to break is one way of ensuring continual sales"!, says it all about this issue and many other products.

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