Why do the trains not run?

  peter99co 14:19 02 Dec 2010

I know it's snow related but what is wrong. Is it the track or train breakdowns. In the days of steam they use snowploughs and brute force.

Even a snow clearing train was broken down near Gatwick.

It is obvious why the roads are out of use but trains?

Or am I missing something?

  gengiscant 14:26 02 Dec 2010

Wrong sort of snow perhaps?
Did the railways not suffer from the wrong sort of leaves on the line at some time?

  peter99co 14:56 02 Dec 2010

Recently a train slid a considerable distance past a station and it was NOT the brakes.

Perhaps the old sandboxes were better than we thought.

  MAT ALAN 14:56 02 Dec 2010

I don't know if they can have problems with diesel freezing in the same way as trucks.

Without gettin techy diesel starts to gel at
-9.5 degrees C so probably not...

  peter99co 15:06 02 Dec 2010

click here

The reporter asks a passenger what was wrong with the train. I would have thought the reporter should be asking the driver. Or are they not on speaking terms.

I am sure a non technical answer could be given.
so that people can understand better what the problems are.

  peter99co 15:32 02 Dec 2010

Issues on the rail network are being addressed. The review recommended heated "third rails" on electric lines south of the Thames, situated mostly at points and stations. These prevent a layer of ice forming that stops trains getting the current and being stranded after stopping.

Wrong kind of track then?

Have to send the wheeltapper under the train with a blowlamp then.

Or fit a South African anti highjack flame thrower under the engine.

  shellship 15:52 02 Dec 2010

Most of what used to be the Southern Railway tracks get their electricity from a 3rd rail. This ices up in these conditions and cannot conduct electricity. Anyone got enough lolly to install overhead lines and replace all the engines instead?

  interzone55 16:05 02 Dec 2010

The old Bury to Manchester line never used to have problems because the third rail was boxed in and the power was picked up from underneath, so no issues with icing up.

It also meant you could dance around on the third rail to your hearts content without fear of getting 600v up your backside.

I've no idea why other lines didn't follow this example...

  morddwyd 20:08 02 Dec 2010

"It also meant you could dance around on the third rail to your hearts content without fear of getting 600v up your backside."

Is this some kind of North Country folk ritual, like cheese rolling?

  spuds 22:43 02 Dec 2010

I think that is absolutely commendable of the rail companies who lay on road transport when their trains stall.

  peter99co 23:11 02 Dec 2010

Rail companies who lay on road transport.

Where to?

Are you taking the Michael?

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