Why do they fit hand driers so high in toilets?

  rawprawn 14:08 18 Apr 2008

Why is it that hand driers are always fitted so high on the wall that you have hold your hands "Up" to get them dried. I am not particularly small, but holding my hands up to the drier means that excess water runs backk down my sleeves.

  bremner 14:13 18 Apr 2008

So they can be used as hairdryers I assume :o)

  dagbladet 14:14 18 Apr 2008

If they are too low, it blows the splashes down the front of your trousers and that can look really bad on a first date.

  Quickbeam 14:21 18 Apr 2008

So you can dry your face without stooping too low.

Personally I find them next to useless and end up wiping some part of my hands on my clothing...

  rawprawn 14:23 18 Apr 2008

I usually just wash my hands after using the toilet, I have never felt the need to have a bath :-))

  oresome 14:29 18 Apr 2008

The best hand dryer I've come across was a Dyson that moved a curtain of warm air down the hands from the wrist to the finger tips and took the water off in a controlled manner.

I've only ever seen the one. Perhaps they will go the same way as their washing machine.

  dukeboxhero 14:46 18 Apr 2008

When hand dryers were fitted lower down in the 70s 80s i think it was because the style at the time was light coloured suits, you could always walk into a gents toilet and find someone with there leg lifted up to the dryer,(spilt drink of course)

  Forum Editor 16:16 18 Apr 2008

they were set at that height as a safety precaution, to stop young children from being able to get at them.

  rawprawn 16:29 18 Apr 2008

Why would they do that? children need to wash (and dry) their hands just the same as adults.

  Legolas 16:34 18 Apr 2008

Although I am vertically challenged I have never fund the hand driers a problem, but there are some toilets where the urinals are so high I think they must be for giants I have to check I am not actually using the sink ;))

  Forum Editor 17:31 18 Apr 2008

"Why would they do that?"

"as a safety precaution"?

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