WHY do these guys do things like this

  charmingman 00:26 06 Jun 2008

This is pure madness..i think its true....

click here

  Quickbeam 00:55 06 Jun 2008

Because they've got the bottle to do it...

  mrwoowoo 01:28 06 Jun 2008

Makes me queasy watching them hang there.
Iv'e no head for heights and get vertigo,so count me out.
Must be a bit of a buzz though.

  Chegs ®™ 04:50 06 Jun 2008

Insane,I was feeling quite sick just viewing the drop.

  Forum Editor 07:10 06 Jun 2008

plus a complete inability to calculate risk, plus a desire for thrills, minus any understanding of the grief people feel at the loss of a child, equals this kind of stupidity.

  belfman 08:09 06 Jun 2008

I thought it was just quite daft. It wasn't particularly special to watch and not worth risking death for.

  The Brigadier 17:09 06 Jun 2008

Nutters like this are a danger to themselves & will be untill they learn the hard way!
It's a bit like your first parachute drop from a static ballon.
1st time is a nightmare after that it gets fun.
Freefall is even better;-)

  wellshgit 19:35 06 Jun 2008

When I worked offshore in the Arabian/Persian Gulf we used this type of crane. Part of my job was to change the bulb in the aircraft warning light at the end of the jib,and assist in rope changes and maintenance. Although it was "only" 80 metres high I was never really comfortable doing it although I am ok with heights. When you walk out on the jib, it moves up and down slightly as it is so finely balanced. We certainly never played about out there.

  csqwared 19:54 06 Jun 2008

Although whilst there are guys round this around click here

I do recall seeing old photos (1920's - 30's) of the guys who were building the skyscrapers happily sitting on girders and crane jibs eating their lunch - no ropes, no nets, and very, very high up.

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