Why do suppliers try to make a profit on

  lisa02 00:20 29 Dec 2006

where you live?

How can they charge a £15 to £20 surcharge because you live in Northern Ireland? Dabs, novatech et al

They use the same delivery companies that others like Amazon, play, game, Jessops etc use and they don't try it on.

Most delivery companies do not charge extra to deliver here but these websites feel they can get away with it. Making a £5 postage charge cost in excess of 500% more for nothing except having a BT postcode.

They are alienating quite a potential market.

I spend a lot of cash online and I won't touch these suppliers, their loss really!

Rant over.

  Strawballs 00:23 29 Dec 2006

Only thing to do "vote with your feet" and if everybody from Northern Ireland did this then they would have to tow the line to get the buisness

  Kate B 01:07 29 Dec 2006

It does seem a lot - I presume they justify it by saying it's because anything sent from mainland UK has to be flown to Northern Ireland. As Strawballs says, don't do business with them.

  sean-278262 01:14 29 Dec 2006

Can I ask a better question I spend 4months a year in ROI. Why do I get charged upwards of twice what you do. I live only across the boarder. Same small landmass. I am more than happy to pay DABs for it as the price isnt that much compared to other sites. However it can be annoying. Dont forget amazon may have a deal with their delivery company but usually it is the delivery company who impose this price.

  rodriguez 01:18 29 Dec 2006

Kate's advice is good - don't use a company that charges extra if you can find another one that doesn't charge extra. Some companies will try and make money from the postage (the route will be the same as the route that companies that don't charge extra take) so if they say they need extra for "overseas" then they don't. I don't think they fly it over to Ireland, I think they'd just use the ferry. Then again, I don't know a lot about how the postal system works. But I'd guess that if some companies can get stuff over without charging a right arm and a left leg for postage, then Dabs and the rest are trying to make money from deliveries where you have to cross a few mile of salty water.

  laurie53 09:09 29 Dec 2006

Doesn't have to be NI.

I live less than half way up Scotland (Fife) and am sometimes classed as a "remote area"!

I am within ten miles of the nearest motorway, and less than sixty from two international airports (Edinburgh and Aberdeen).

What is so daft is that many companies on the mainland don't charge extra if you live in UK and have a standard Eurowide delivery charge


  Sapins 09:45 29 Dec 2006

Why do they do it?, because people will pay it. Mesh for one are going to charge £15 to send the free! Vista upgrade CD out if you buy a computer now.

  Al94 10:07 29 Dec 2006

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  lisa02 10:11 29 Dec 2006

"Dont forget amazon may have a deal with their delivery company but usually it is the delivery company who impose this price."

I know Amazon use Royal Mail and City Link, though the bulk from my experiences are from Royal Mail. They do not charge extra, especially Royal Mail, to deliver anywhere in the UK. That is the same whether or not you're a commercial client like Amazon or an individual.

I know the logistics of operating a delivery network costs more here (it has to) but these courier companies seem to absorb that without passing it on to customers. These e-tailers seem to be cashing in on the couriers uniform pricing policy to anywhere in the UK.

I have heard stories where folk where charged a £14 surcharge and the courier? It was Royal Mail meaning it was just the e-tailer ripping them off.

As I said they are the ones losing out and I will not shop with them until they stop ripping people off just because they live in "remote" areas.

  lisa02 10:21 29 Dec 2006

thanks Al94

  Stuartli 17:20 29 Dec 2006

I've pointed out several times over the years that Dell was charging £50 plus VAT (£57.50) for delivery, even though it clearly paid its couriers perhaps a quarter or less of that sum.

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