Why do some people

  Jak_1 21:26 14 May 2007

make a long winded speech to say or ask something when all that is required is a few words? My mother is a prime example of this! Usually she is still asking the question after I have answered it and gets moody for interupting her!

  wolfie3000 22:29 14 May 2007

I cant stand that either, it drives me mad.

Added on drivvle i call it.

Like on msn people asking a question instead of just telling me something.

person : Gues what i done today?

Me : ok what?

Person : you will never guess.

Me : For gods sake just tell me.

Thank god for the block feature on msn lol.

But i know what you mean, i like either simple questions or simple answers, none of this half hour speeches about it.

  bluto1 23:18 14 May 2007

It`s a problem we`ve had for years with people making longwinded conversations out of a YES or NO (shouted or otherwise) answer.

  Forum Editor 23:18 14 May 2007

about the the different ways that individuals communicate. By and large women tend to like to communicate with detail - it's their way of making a connection - and they can't understand men who insist on one-word answers to questions.

It's a generalisation, and of course there'll be exceptions, but too few to matter. Men who think they can relate to women using the 'cut to the chase' method of communication are in for a difficult time.

  tammer 23:24 14 May 2007

I fear that Wolfie has mastered the "Hmmmm, yes" one-size-fits-all response to his girlfriend's questions, usually while he's playing Halo.

  Totally-braindead 00:18 15 May 2007

I'm afraid my mums like this, a simple story which could easily be summarised in 30 seconds takes her at least 5 minutes to relate and I'm afraid I'm not the most patient person in the world regarding this.

It takes longer to relate the story than it did for the actual event to happen and its usually not very interesting or involving someone I don't know who and therefore I have no interest in.

Sorry, I'll have to try harder to be more patient with her. But god its a struggle sometimes.

  Jak_1 00:44 15 May 2007

It's not just women I have found this with, men too. They go three times round the world, with a holiday in Kong Kong included, to put a point across when all that is required is a simple statement! Usually by the time they've finished you've forgotten what they were trying to say in the first place, or they have.

  laurie53 08:31 15 May 2007

It's like people whoo insist on telling you all about some television programme which you would have watched if you were remotely interested!

  interzone55 08:59 15 May 2007

Douglas Adams explained the reason why some people talk constantly.

A race of people were cursed with extreme physic ability, so all day long they could hear the thoughts of everyone around them. The only way they could block out other peoples thoughts was to talk constantly.

I use this theory to explain why my sister never shuts up.

  dagbladet 09:10 15 May 2007

My dear old mum will often ask us,

"did you see Taggart/Midsomer Murders/Poirot the other day?"

"no mum, i'm not really into it"

"oh it was good, you know the inspector who'se always shouting at Taggart?"

"no, I don't watch it"

"well he was seeing the other bloke's wife, you know the Sergeant....................."

She will then proceed to somehow make a one hour episode last about an hour and a half.

I've tried saying yes I did see it but it makes no difference, I still get the extended verbal version. Gawd bless 'er.

  Bingalau 10:03 15 May 2007

I thought it was just politicians who had that affliction.

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