Why do people talk rubbish??

  Bob The Nob© 22:25 09 Jul 2007

Why when your having a sensible, informed and knowledgeable conversation with someone about computers or computer related, does someone jump in and talk utter rubbish about PC's and make themselves look even more stupid?

I mean, why go to so much trouble to talk about stuff you dont even know about?

  Forum Editor 22:48 09 Jul 2007

of talking utter rubbish about computers, and making myself look even more stupid. Most of us have done that kind of thing at some point I suppose.

"why go to so much trouble to talk about stuff you dont even know about?" Well sometimes human nature makes us do that kind of thing - it's just people being people. Nothing to worry too much about, really.

  Belatucadrus 22:58 09 Jul 2007

Why do so many of the people who talk rubbish remain convinced that the gem of gibberish they've come up with, imparted by some anonymous friend who knows bout PCs is gospel and that the guy who's actually got an HND or a degree and is refuting the factoid must be wrong. I lost track of the number of people who still deleted JDBGMGR despite my telling them till I was blue in the face that it was a hoax.

  skeletal 23:18 09 Jul 2007

One of the strangest/funniest incidents along these lines happened to me many years ago. I wanted to buy a new telly and had looked at quite a few. Now it so happens I am extremely fussy about picture faults and at the time, a lot of tellies had various forms of keystone distortion (amongst other things).

I was in a shop looking at their selection and mentioned this to the salesman who said: “Oh that will be a fault with the aerial”. This is not the case, and so began an argument where the salesman went on and on spouting ever more rubbish. In the end he came out with the line: “I have been in this trade for 15 years and I know what I’m talking about”. To which I replied: “Well, I have actually made a colour telly so I know what I am talking about”. I then walked out avoiding the now wide open jaw of the salesman.

The odd thing about this is that I would suggest it is a bit silly having a full blown argument with a potential customer. Even if a salesman thinks I am a complete idiot, just play along, um and err in the right place; better to make a sale surely?

And of course, it is just possible that a customer knows far more about a subject than a salesperson. This is certainly true with computers; imagine a salesperson teaching VoG how to use Excel: “Well Sir, this thing is called a spreadsheet and did you know it adds up numbers...!!!”


  skidzy 23:44 09 Jul 2007

" Well Sir, this thing is called a spreadsheet and did you know it adds up numbers...!!!”

Really :-o i use my fingers and toes,now i knew i was doing something wrong :-))

To be frank,my fingers and toes are more reliable than me using Excel !

  wolfie3000 23:55 09 Jul 2007

An arguement between VoG and a salesman,

That i would love to see.

  skidzy 00:01 10 Jul 2007

Shall i re-phrase that statement for you.

That i would PAY to see :-))

  €dstowe 06:37 10 Jul 2007

"Why do people talk rubbish?"

It's a natural talent with some people - especially politicians.

  laurie53 08:14 10 Jul 2007

"Why go to the trouble to talk about stuff you don't even know about"?

If I didn't I'd never speak!

  skeletal 10:36 10 Jul 2007

fourm member: yes of course, there are actually some (many?) good salespeople out there and they have to put up with rubbish spouted by customers. It is one reason why I could not sell to the general public; I would break the rule that I mentioned in my earlier post: I would tell the customer he/she was being stupid, and of course lose the sale! Part of being good at sales is to smile, say “of course Sir/Madam” collect the cash and rant about it after said idiot has left the shop!

Which actually reminds me of another story from even more ancient times when, as a youth, I worked part time in a TV repair shop. An extremely hoity-toity woman came in with a valve (electronic variety, not plumbing!) and said to one of the technicians something along the lines of: “My good man; this valve you sold me yesterday is broken. I demand my money back.” Technician opened up the box and looked at the valve and realised that it was an old one. The woman had swapped the valve, and bought the old one back to try to get a refund on it! As you may expect, a bit of an argument ensued. Victory to the technician though, when he proved that the serial number on it was related to valves a few years old, rather than the new ones in the shop.

I agree about trying to be involved; this is natural and perfectly harmless in a social situation. My irritation levels only start to rise when in incidents like the “telly situation”.


  spuds 12:53 10 Jul 2007

Perhaps to some people- we all cannot be perfect. And it doe's extend the art of grunting, belching and pointing ;o)

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