Why do people spend so much time ....

  Clapton is God 17:44 22 Aug 2007

moaning about ISPs because their helpline is based outside of the UK?

A case in point being Tiscali. We regularly see threads in these Forums along the lines of "I hate Tiscali or I'm leaving Tiscali because their call centre is in India".

I've been with Tiscali in its various guises (Screaming.net/World Online) first as a dial-up customer and now as a BB customer for something like 9 or 10 years.

In all that time I've probably had to use their helpline less than half-a-dozen times and on each occasion my problem was solved quickly and efficiently.

Yet people still rant on about "ISP call centres outside of the UK".

Why on earth do people need to use the call centre so often that it seems to be their overriding reason for choosing a particular ISP?

  wiz-king 18:04 22 Aug 2007

I have often wondered that. Ok maybe when installing but, after the first putting on of the program why would you need to phone the call-centre anyway? I use both UKonline for dial-up and broadband and NTL for cable broadband on several computers and have not yet had to phone a call centre.
What am I doing wrong?

  Cymro. 18:16 22 Aug 2007

I had my first computer only some 17 months ago. I knew very little about computers and so had to make use of BT helpline several times in the first few weeks. But now that I know at least something about computers (thanks to this forum) I have not had to phone the helpline even once over the last twelve months. So as suggested above with a little experience and a bit of help from forums such as this one there is very little need for a helpline.

  sunny staines 18:43 22 Aug 2007

its when isp's mess up the billing that i have needed to contact them. and tiscali was a nightmare. at least with bulldog the problem sorted quickly and compensation of free months given out.

  Pine Man 18:54 22 Aug 2007

I found it impossible to close an account with Tiscali until I involved the ISPA - Internet Service Providers Association. It was then resolved immediately.

  sinbads 19:40 22 Aug 2007

The fact is, some people get little or no problems with their respective isp so there is no reason for them to post their satisfaction; however,some isp's get more than thier share of disatisfied customers, tiscali being one of the most complained about. You may have been lucky with Tiscali; but I'm inclined to believe there has to be some truth, as the number of complaints regarding Tiscali.

  Stuartli 19:50 22 Aug 2007


click here

You might be surprised.

  Totally-braindead 22:35 22 Aug 2007

Well the reason I have mentioned it is I have found that in many cases I cannot understand what they are saying and I do find it a tad differcult to have a conversation when one of the two people involved doesn't understand what has been said and then has to revert to phonetics which means the call, which you are paying for costs you an absolute fortune. I voted with my feet and went to a company that has UK based call centres so at least I can understand them.
The last phone call I had to make to Tiscali cost me over £5 for one call and about £2 for 2 others.

If you are happy with them then great. I wasn't so I moved and am now happy.

  Jimmy14 22:44 22 Aug 2007

about Tiscali's call centre in India. I had to go through that for about 2 years when they were most unhelpful and sounded to me as if they had no clue aboot the internet or computing. Thankfully I am now with a UK company with 24/7 UK call centre support and instant email support 7 days a week.

  Jimmy14 22:45 22 Aug 2007

please excuse my scottish slang :d

  bluto1 23:22 22 Aug 2007

.....and I agree 100% with Totally-Braindead.

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