Why do I have to Register and.....

  pj123 16:46 12 Sep 2006

provide a User ID and Password.

Why do I have to “register and supply a User ID and Password” to buy from some online retailers?

Most online retailers I buy from only want my Name, Address and Credit/Debit card details and I get what I want a few days later.

Just tried a new one but they want me to Register, and provide a Password?

I don’t need a password to go into Woolies, Marks or Boots etc.

All I want to do is log in to their site and order something, which may only be a “one-off” purchase.

Do they want my money or not?

  anskyber 16:50 12 Sep 2006

I imagine so that they can offer to save your personal information and offer the facility to you to have a shortcut to purchase rather than type everything in again. Amazon do this.

  €dstowe 17:07 12 Sep 2006

If you don't want to register etc to buy online, send an email objecting to the procedure and then shop elsewhere.

  VoG II 17:15 12 Sep 2006

I think you'll find that it involves less clicking and typing the next time you want to shop with them.

  pj123 17:18 12 Sep 2006

€dstowe, I don't bother to send an email. I just don't shop with them. The same items are available from many other online retailers who do not need you to register.

This thread was prompted by a leaflet put through my door with a "special offer".

The point, of course was, why do some retailers need you to do it this way?

  1minute 17:59 12 Sep 2006

so they can sell your details to a database company that provides information to mail & email marketing companies, it also may show what your purchasing trend is over a period of time.

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