Why do i bother

  JonnyTub 22:39 15 Feb 2005

to build pc's for myself, i was thinking about selling my current pc as i'm considering upgrading to a pci express motherboard (alway's an early adopter :-)) and wanted to start from scratch with everything. I went to work on the maths and found that my current pc cost nearly £1800 to build from scratch. I got to thinking of the pc's for sale nowaday's that that £1800 could buy me, and yes i sobbed a little. I have a love hate relationship with the speed the computer industry is developing new technology. I love it for the obvious advantages it brings in my work and hobbies. I hate it for the fact that what i bought yesterday for £100 is now for sale today at £28 (not literally but almost!). Almost as soon as you buy it, it's out of date, surely most of us can't deny that handing out our hard earned cash is satisfying when you know that your getting the most up to date technology publicly available, only to find that the hard earned cash you spent would have gotten you twice as much 6 months down the line. Where do you stop.... (My wife asked me this once.. I politely smiled and backed slowly out the room), I can't help but see myself forever buying the 'better technology.'

Which came first.. the consumer or the devloper?

I will continue to buy the latest technological advances in home computing, I'll resent paying the money all the same, what can I say, I'm impatient, demanding.

I may have swayed a little from the subject of 'why do i bother' but i needed to clear some air...



  stalion 22:43 15 Feb 2005

they say patience is a virtue but it can also save you a lot of money.I tend to hang on as long as possible before getting updated technology because as you say as soon as you buy it out comes something new.Classic example was dual layer dvd burners released three weeks after I bought a new single layer.

  Dan the Confused 23:39 15 Feb 2005

Bring back the good ole days, that's what I say! When I bought my Amiga 500 all I had to buy for it was the 512k RAM expansion and that was it. It was a stand alone product and the same as everyone else's. Any Amiga software would run on it and I didn't have to worry about how much memory it had, what speed my processor was, what graphics card I had etc. This changed later with all the 'fancy' Amigas that came out, but the A500 was the flagship and I've still never had the heart to get rid of it (although I never use it).

I think we should all follow Concorde's example and go subsonic again - bring back the Amiga! *rant* *rave*

  smy13 23:42 15 Feb 2005

I'm beginning to think owning a pc and consistently wanting to upgrade, make if faster, give it more this, and more of that. Has replaced the need to own a sports car, in fact the pc has become just like owning a car. Once you've got one you have this urge to understand what's underneath the "bonnet", and set about tweaking it to perform better. No longer do we brag about horse power or what we can achieve at the "top end" we brag about processor speed or how much RAM were packing. I suppose were all satisfying the need we have to improve our lot in life by what ever means we feel we can control …………………….
And so finishes the sermon By SMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  smy13 23:47 15 Feb 2005

Time for bed me thinks !!!

  JonnyTub 23:48 15 Feb 2005


An excellent analogy

Although i don't brag, i like to to feel confident that i'm getting the most out of my machine, if that means an upgrade, so be it, sad... maybe?... addictive.... definetly!

  josie mayhem 23:53 15 Feb 2005

I know why I bother basicaly, I'm adicted!!

  smy13 00:00 16 Feb 2005

by no means sad. addictive yep. I'm hooked Like most members of the forum i'd guess

  JonnyTub 00:03 16 Feb 2005

addictive is the buzz word i believe smy13, the fact that you built something that actually works, but not only works... works well

  georgemac © 08:10 16 Feb 2005

keep going Jonny, flog your old parts on Ebay to those of us who like to wait a little for the bargains

My msi 400 fsb motherboard (new oem) cost under £20, my xp3000 £67, 1 gb pc3200 was £70 and so on. The only online shop bought items were a 4x dvd writer which was £100 - see how cheap they are now - and my chieftec case and my cpu heatsink. Think I will soon take the plunge for a new TFT monitor - the prices are dropping fast.

My machine does everything I need and more, so you can still buy and build a low cost PC.

  Praxis99 10:13 16 Feb 2005

There's an old Hi Fi adage that when you can no longer hear the difference, don't spend any more.

I think a similar perspective is needed with PC components since some of the incremental improvements on offer make little difference in the real world.

That said I've upgraded my own PC and learnt a lot in the process too, its just that my focus has shifted to a larger upgrade task, my house!

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