Why do gamers cheat so much?

  Dan the Confused 19:58 14 Jan 2005

I was looking at the PC mags in my local Spar yesterday evening and noticed on the cover of one was the complete solution guide for Half Life 2 (it may have included cheat codes also).

There are also many games sites that have lots of cheat info. Obviously cheating is very popular with gamers and if they get stuck in a game then fair enough, but I think there are an awful lot who start cheating shortly after getting hold of the game. Why do this after forking out all the dosh for it? Makes it seem like a bit of a waste of money to me.

  CurlyWhirly 20:27 14 Jan 2005

I only cheat if I am REALLY stuck as just cheating from the offset seems a bit pointless to me aswell!

  helmetshine 20:34 14 Jan 2005

i too wonder whats the point of buying a game and then looking immediately for the full solution or a cheat to help you...but at least they are only really cheating themselves,the ones that get me are the cheats in online games.Why they do it i don't know because all they are really doing is spoiling the fun for everyone else......but maybe that is why they do it

  Starfox 21:01 14 Jan 2005

Very interesting observation there, as an avid gamer myself I must admit that it puzzles me also, as you say it just doesn't make sense to pay out £35 or so for a game and then spend another £10 on a game guide or cheat book to finish the game.

I will admit to looking on game websites for a walkthrough of a game but only if I am really, really stuck, for me much of the enjoyment of gaming is solving the problems or playing through the hard parts over and over until you find the solution, obviously some gamers must take a different approach to problems (cheat).

  Charence 21:36 14 Jan 2005

I think you're right. There's no point playing a game/buying if you just cheat. There's absolutely no challenge at all and once you've completed you won't have feel that you've achieved anything at all. Practice is all you need to get to the end of a game!

Having said that, I've not completed a single game yet!!! The furthest I got was Level 3 on GTA (the strange city with many fly overs) and I completed all tracks on MM1 but couldn't get 8000 points to unlock last car.


  gudgulf 22:13 14 Jan 2005

If you spend £35 on a game and then get stuck or don't have hours a day of gameplaying time then buying a walkthrough book so that you do actually get to the end of the game seems fair enough to me.After all you still have to fight any battles etc (and win) to get through and if you use it when you are stuck only.I don't agree with using such things as God mode which makes the games boring but if it is only you who are playing,so what.Likewise if you fall into the casual gamer category.Cheating in multiplayer/on line games where the intention is to give an unfair advantage is another matter altogether....that REALLY is cheating .
On another level something like unlocking all vehicles/tracks in some of the games my youngsters like playing allows them untold extra fun -- a cheat,yes but worth it.

For the record I am quite happy to use this sort of guide/or internet tips as and when needed in order to get to the end of a game,but only when I've tried and failed first.

  Praxis99 23:17 14 Jan 2005

I've always been a little perplexed why people who have spent there hard earned so quickly resolve to cheat when the going gets tough particularly when the going is not particularly tough in the first place, lets face it games are mass market entertainment.

While I do not approve of it I can understand the compulsion of those who cheat in online games (its the spoiler in all of us) I really can't understand it when you chose to cheat on yourself because you can't be bothered to try find the solution.

  jerichobob 23:29 14 Jan 2005

'Cos they can!

Ask my teenage son.

  Sapins 09:46 15 Jan 2005

Surely politicians have to get their training somewhere;-)

  Kodan 10:05 15 Jan 2005

I like to explore, and I hate, absolutely HATE, those cliched underground railways with multiple switching points layouts.

I also hate games that rely on you having the patience to try and try and try dozens of times, hoping to get lucky and one day get through a challenge that is far too hard.

So, in adventure games and FPS games, I may enter god mode, or start walking through walls.

But in online games, I despise cheats, dupers, scammers - these people should be forced to play solo, for the rest of their lives.

  JayDay 15:11 15 Jan 2005

I have used walkthroughs when stuck. When I have finished a game I have gone back and used a cheat code to replay a level with weapons you don't normally get. Just for the fun of it.

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