Why do the audience clap

  Graham. 20:41 18 Nov 2006

When the Lotto numbers are called? They can't all have the same number.

  Watchful 20:44 18 Nov 2006

They're prompted.

  Vangeliska 20:44 18 Nov 2006

Because they're told to?

  octal 20:46 18 Nov 2006

It's all hype, there's little man at the front holding up a board with "Clap" on it every time they want a reaction from the lemmings in the audience :-)

  lisa02 20:47 18 Nov 2006

They're told to by the man with the clap

  lisa02 20:48 18 Nov 2006


  Vangeliska 20:51 18 Nov 2006

Ooh, lisa, you ARE awful, but I like you!!

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:08 18 Nov 2006

If he has the clap every week he must be keeping the local clinic busy!

  lisa02 21:09 18 Nov 2006


I didn't mean to say that.

  octal 21:12 18 Nov 2006

OMG! I've just re-read my post in the light of these recent postings, blush, blush.

  QuizMan 21:52 18 Nov 2006

There's only people in the studio on Saturday. Wednesday's clapping is dubbed (allegedly)

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