Why did Dr Who change from...........

  gengiscant 08:39 02 Oct 2011

scary kids program,but watched by us bigger kids, into the pretentious garbage we have today? I have struggled to work out who this program is now aimed at, very little action, nonsensical dialogue, which I struggle to understand so how the young kids get on with it is a mystery.

The actual Doctor character seems to get worse each time he changes, I appreciate he has always been played as an eccentric character but British eccentric not silly eccentric and his companions have as much charisma as paint drying.

Don't get me started on that other piece of political correctness gone daft Merlin.

  morddwyd 08:43 02 Oct 2011

Stopped watching it quite a few series ago for the very reasons you mention!

Pretentious garbage is a good description (as it is for so much else in the BBC's output!).

  interzone55 09:23 02 Oct 2011

I stopped watching when Christopher Eccleston was booted out, he was a fantastic doctor and David Tennant was nowhere near as good.

Watched a bit last week by accident and it just seemed garbage, the dialogue was stilted and the acting appalling

  zzzz999 09:37 02 Oct 2011

Christopher Eccleston was a brilliant doctor but I think it was his choice to leave, he did not want typecast.

  v1asco 10:09 02 Oct 2011

I agree to some extent. Been a fan all my life but now it's getting out of hand. I believe Russel Davies is no longer writing the scripts and his input is missed. There was always a subtle humour, though the last 2 episodes did have one or two jokes. The idea of making it a complete story throughout the 13 episodes was not good. It was more fun when each episode was different. I guess kids don't scare easy these days, even William Hartnell used to frighten me. It does seem that the writers/producers are trying to cater for all ages, but then that's what Torchwood is for!

  interzone55 11:35 02 Oct 2011


It would be nice to think that, but he revealed whilst delivering a recent acting class that he was offered a second series but he didn't like the show management and politics...


  chub_tor 12:02 02 Oct 2011

bugle has hit the nail on the head "The idea of making it a complete story throughout the 13 episodes was not good. It was more fun when each episode was different." although I personally disagree about the not good part. I enjoyed the new series and found it stimulating to have to think back, remember the earlier plot lines and see how they had developed. Much better than the old Doctor meets a baddy, Doctor has a tough time, Doctor beats the baddy predictable plot lines of old.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 02 Oct 2011

Why did Dr Who change

They have "sexed it up" to appeal to the teenage market.

Why -- because teenagers have more pocket money and the freedom to spend it on what they want than the younger kids do.

Or is is this just me getting cynical in my old age?

  gengiscant 14:28 02 Oct 2011

They have "sexed it up" to appeal to the teenage market

I am obviously watching a different program to you, I fail to see what constitutes Dr Who being sexed up, I not even sure I know what it means. I have already commented that his companions have the charisma of paint drying and I might add the looks. So nothing sexy there, the Tardis has more colour is that what you mean? I also fail to see what pocket money has got to do with this particular television program. Have I missed something?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:02 02 Oct 2011

sexed up

younger companions - Amy pond constantly falling over in a short skirt - River and the Doctors constant flirting.

pocket money

Just do a search for Doctor Who merchandise and see what comes up

  gengiscant 17:26 02 Oct 2011

*Amy pond constantly falling over in a short skirt *

I have seen more meat on a butchers pencil, not my opinion of hot and I thought Dr Who always had young companions., and as for the constant flirting, thats what sexed up means does it? Well I live and learn.

Just do a search for Doctor Who merchandise and see what comes up

There has always been merchandise associated with Dr Who, there might be a bit more of it and it might be more electronic, but still do not see the connection between sexed up and pocket money.

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