why can't they make laptops

  arris 16:55 14 May 2007

..that don't overheat and shutdown by themselves?

My brother has one, and after about a half a dozen downloads on youtube, it packs up.

Laptops are a stupid idea.

  postie24 17:09 14 May 2007

I have two laptops,one running most of the day,never had a problem in the last 3 years with either of them


  wee eddie 17:24 14 May 2007

Is he impeding the airflow through the cooling system? e.g. Could he be working on his bed or the carpet.

Has that cooling system become full of dust and fluff? Clean the Entry and Exit ports with a paint brush and blow it through with a Hair Drier.

Those are the usual causes

  Forum Editor 17:49 14 May 2007

Actually, they're not, they're a great idea.

'half a dozen downloads on youtube' involves a good deal of CPU and hard-drive activity, and that generates heat. Laptops heat up pretty quickly of you don't periodically clean them as recommended by wee eddie. Another thing to make sure of is that your brother isn't resting the laptop on a soft surface, like his bed, for instance. You must always ensure that air can flow in the small space underneath the machine.

  Totally-braindead 17:55 14 May 2007

A friend was complaining to me about his laptop shutting down, when I asked him where he was using it he said on his lap in the living room. I told him that was probably why it was over heating, he was covering some of the cooling vents. He said well they shouldn't call it a laptop if you can't use it on your lap then should they.
No answer to that really as he had a point.

This of course might not be your friends problem at all but its worth checking, using it on any soft surface that impedes the airflow will cause it to overheat.
You can also get laptop coolers, units that fit below the laptop and use fans to cool them but it shouldn't really be necessary unless its very dusty.

  wee eddie 18:34 14 May 2007

Money wasted

It does make sense to angle the Laptop so that there is not a dead air patch beneath it. Raising the rear by an inch really improves the airflow.

I had some fun with a joss stick about 4 years ago, watching the pattern of the plume being moved by the airflow from my trusty friend. The best result came from it being placed on a board angled at about 30' - 45' above the horizontal.

This seems to be what happens: As heat rises and the exhaust ports pump heated air out of the rear back, cooler air is sucked in across the bottom from the front.

My solution: I blagged a Broken Display Stand, that was going into the bin, from PC World and in return gave them a £10 for their Charity box (It really went in as well).

  Totally-braindead 18:40 14 May 2007

wee eddie no experience of laptop coolers as I don't have a laptop just knew they existed and thought it worth mentioning.
Wouldn't have a laptop myself as I'd be struggling to repair it and they can't be upgraded graphics wise.

  Forum Editor 18:47 14 May 2007

are more prone to running hot than others. I've used many different laptops over the years, and without a doubt my all-round favourites are Toshibas. I've never had one that gave me any trouble at all in the overheating department, but I do try to keep them clean and dust-free if I can.

I also make sure that I always use my machine on a hard surface.

  arris 19:14 14 May 2007

He's not impeding the airflow. It sits on a desk and he has glued pads underneath it to raise it even higher up. He's gonna buy a notebook cooler to see if that helps - waste a time if you ask me.

  Forum Editor 19:54 14 May 2007

although it might help if he gave the YouTube downloading a rest from time to time.

  arris 20:29 14 May 2007

It would, but I reckon the fan could have something to do with the problem. Like maybe it's a design fault. I know the fan is supposed to take the heat away from all the internal components and stuff like that.. but soon as the fan starts it begins to get hotter and hotter. It has always done it.. it's adding to the problem more than helping it. The fan isn't blocked neither, cause it all got took apart when it had a new dvd drive fitted, after the original stopped playing films. Everything got checked out and on the checklist it says everythings ok.

It's just a good thing it came with a 3 year guarantee, that's all I can say.

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