Why arn't some people satisfied

  carver 09:41 20 May 2015

Why arn't some people satisfied with what they have, our new next door neighbours arrived and I did try to make friends with them.

He didn't have a mower so lent him mine, his drill wouldn't drill through butter so lent him my SDS drill, didn't have a strimmer so lent him mine he had some work done on drive so parked my car on the street for 2 weeks, you get the idea.

Then, he complained that my rockery was protruding onto his land, even after trying to explain that the boundary had been like this for over 25 years he still wanted me to move it.

Anyway after having a surveyor in at my expense who did admit that part of my rockery went into his garden by 2 inches he wanted me to move it.

What he forgot about was the fence that divided our property was into my land by 2 feet.

So made him take the fence up and replace it on "his" land, result is I have 2 foot 9 inches of extra land running for 100 feet down the side of the garden.

And the ungrateful bugger is still not happy.

  HondaMan 10:10 20 May 2015

So I take it that the rockery is now on YOUR land. This being the case and, assuming that you have received all your loaned equipment back, I would simply ignore him and any further requests to borrow things.

  Belatucadrus 11:42 20 May 2015

Not only is he not happy now, he will never be happy there will always be something he takes against and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Friendly overtures obviously do not register with this guy. I agree with HondaMan ignore him, at the moment you are the net winner of his nit picking tiny mindedness may it always be this way.

  bumpkin 12:10 20 May 2015

I sounds like his pettiness backfired.

  bumpkin 17:36 20 May 2015

"site error" message every time.

  bumpkin 18:06 20 May 2015

Parking and boundaries seem to be high on the list of disputes between neigbours. If some were not so bloody minded and applied a little common sense then things could probably be resolved without expense or stress. I am fortunate in having reasonable neighbours and most disagreements are normally sorted amicable.

If your rockery intruded across my boundary by a few inches I may point it out to you but see no reason to employ surveyors,or cause you the incovenience of moving it. Not worth arguing about to my mind. Unfortunately there are petty minded people who will pursue such trivail issues irrespective of the ill feeling caused.

  Pine Man 18:49 20 May 2015

I wonder where I stand now my car is insured to be parked up on the driveway but it is now on the road instead.

When you applied for insurance the price/cover you received was based on the declaration you made about where you park it at night.

Clearly you can legitimately park on street occasionally but if something was to happen to your car when it was parked on the street outside your house, and there was evidence to show that it was a regular occurrence, you would be struggling with a claim.

  carver 19:05 20 May 2015

The best part was that both before and after the surveyor had been and marked out the boundary I had tried to talk to him about the rockery and explained that it had been there since the 50's and why go to the trouble of arguing over a bit of land.

But he was adamant that he wanted a straight line for his boundary, his thinking was that because the fence was 20 inches behind the rockery that was the boundary and he wanted that extra land.

The best part was when the fencing company came to put up the fence I had (sorry to admit) the greatest pleasure in watching them dig the holes then telling them they had dug them on my land and to move them all onto his land.

As I said earlier, by the time they had put in the 6inch posts then some 3x1 to carry the planking he'd lost another 10 inch of land on top of the 2 foot I had claimed back.

Best part is I wasn't even bothered about the strip of land, now it means I have a very wide border that I have to put plants in.

  bumpkin 19:15 20 May 2015

Carver, best thing to do if he want's to be an arsehole. Why should we have to have to tolerate people of that mentality.

  Belatucadrus 20:47 20 May 2015

Make the new border spectacularly beautiful, then send him a thank you card. I'd also cut off the 2" of protruding rockery flush with the boundary line using an angle grinder or masonry saw so as not to disturb the rest of it.

  bumpkin 20:57 20 May 2015

I'd also cut off the 2" of protruding rockery flush with the boundary line using an angle grinder or masonry saw so as not to disturb the rest of it.

Good idea, then paint the remainder visible from his side bright purple.

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